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September 02, 2008


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Love this post, Barbara.

It's hard to believe how much effort used to go into penmanship. Seems like most writing from back then is beautiful so I guess it paid off.

Love your picture of the little girl.

LiLi M.

Yep, our kids have gone back to school this week too!! Your post is funny. My children seem to believe I was risen in the stone age too. And after reading your post one might think they were right! I had to write with a fountain pen the first year I was at school. My school was sooo old fashioned. We were sitting in benches and having these fountainpens. I know no one of my age who has learnt the skill of writing with real ink. And I have to admit I was a bit of a fanatic! The first children who received six times a '10', which is best, I think you would say an A, were allowed to visit the headmaster and write with colored ink. I was with those first, but I had to visit the doctor that day. I still remember that I was sooo worried that the headmaster would think I was not with those first children.
Some people believe that children have no worries. Mmm I think they suffer from bad memory! Have a great day!

Joanna {sweet finds}

what a cute post! xoxo, Joanna

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

This post is so sweet. I totally remember penmanship and those curls...I believe we used to call them bologna curls. The only thing missing was the crinoline under the dress that made it stick straight out. Susan


ok, no commento about you going to school in an ox cart! hehe. those pix are lovely, i especially like the one in red. ooo am jealous as usual of your scottie dog. is that really what it was for??

Jayme L.

Your back-to-school arrangement with the scottie dog is sooo cute! I love the black and white school photo. Don't you wish they still did that? My daughter is having her school pics tomorrow and I'm tearing my hair out trying to get her to wear something other than a tee shirt. I can only hope she has a sweet expression on her face for the photo.


I was among those taught to hold a pen or pencil properly. I honestly wish the teachers today would teach this technique to the students. Younger people somehow manage to write with what looks to be a death grip on the pen; I don't see how they do it!

Great post!


What a charming vingette!

I have terrible handwriting, and so appreciate having a computer to write with now. When I was in school, my teachers used to ask me not to use a fine point pen, because it made it too diffficult to read my scribbles. I print well though, but that comes from my training as a pre-school teacher. I've always wanted to learn calligraphy. I love the swirly patterns, especially.

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