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December 04, 2008


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Linda B

Absolutely beautiful things. And I'd had no idea it was a holiday in the Netherlands. So, thank you. I enjoy your blog. Keep posting!


Way too darling on the decoration...love it!


Oh wow! My daughter's birthday is the same as Santa's. I can't wait to tell her :D

Love your collection!


Oh, that's so funny! I love the little dutch boy and girl. And I spot a glass with tulips on it too!
Thank you for timing this so thoughtfully, I think we'll have a wonderful pakjesavond (both tonight with my in-laws and tomorrow night with my own family).

Tina in Duluth

I love your Santa & jadite shelf. I have a collection of Santa mugs that would match many you have on your shelves. I didn't put them out this year because I'm a grouchy Christmas decorator and a REALLY grumpy put-it-awayer! It is lonely doing it by yourself while stepping over your family. Whaa Whaa Whaa!


What a great display! You should be on Top Design - Christmas Edition!! xo, suzy


Adorable as always! The Dutch kiddos are darling, and so is the rest...


Oh my gosh Barbara. How adorable!!!! Your photos should be in a book. It all looks so cute and cheerful and the wrapping paper is darling too.

Keep it coming :-)



AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I SOOOOO LOVE THE JADITE/SANTA SHELF!! It makes me so happy to look at. :) Oh, and I received my Etsy order, and I lurve it immensely. I can't stop staring at the wee elf. Sigh. Thanks for the lovely eye candy on both counts. xo


I put my Santa cups out this year for the first time in years. I don't have a gemstone eyed one though. Oh, sad, sad me.

We are studying Christmas Around the World, and Sinterklaas left a present for my son today. A book about Santa!

Heidi German

Oh, I love the combination of the jadeite and the bright red! Hmm, maybe I need to go get mine out and do a wee bit of redecorating. :)


This is all so beautiful! I love the santas and you've arranged everything so beautifully! Your photos always look so friendly and comforting, thanks for sharing!


I love it all- I se your little green canister w/the tulip lid like mine there among all of your other wonderful things! I am feeling so jealous because I don't have a white shelf like yours to put my Fire-King on with Santas to add red to the mix, etc, etc! When you do it, everything looks SO fabulous together.


Just beautiful!! I love all of you items every time I click!! And your Santa paper today is great!!!


I love the way your jadite matches all the red Christmas items. The santa mug with the rhinestone, is

Great Post!


Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Such perfect color combinations for Christmas!

laurie - magpie ethel

Once again you have nailed a wonderful holiday post. The jadeite and santa mugs are absolutely amazing- those two colors together...WOW! I collect santa mugs as well (does that surprise you?) and I love the ones with the jeweled eyes. Another of my favorites has a winky eye...I'll be posting holiday decorations soon. The craft sales are almost over for me...HALLELUJAH!

black eyed susans kitchen

Jadite and Christmas go together so well. I love this idea.
♥, Susan

LiLi M.

Your good wishes reached us, though I wasn't at my computer for about 2 days .... too busy with all the packing, the rhymes, the buying and I wondered....did you find anything in your shoe???

You have so many cool vintage things....

LiLi M.

Your good wishes reached us...we had such a lovely night, yesterday! I hadn't been at my computer for about 2 days, I was so busy buying, packing, rhyming, but it was worth while. I wonder; did you find anything in your shoe??
This post is too good to be true, you have so much neat vintage stuff, I cannot believe it! You should be in a magazine or on tv!

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