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May 10, 2010


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Linda @ A La Carte

I only get called Lynn occasionally, but Linda it is and always will be.


Social Security has a great database where you can look up the historic popularity of baby names in every way imaginable.


Barbara was never #1, but it was #2 from 1937 - 1944, losing to Mary in every one of those years. Martha's best year was 1882 (ranked #14) -- since then, Martha has been consistently less popular every year (currently #682, just behind Barbara at #656). I like both our names, and mine has a bonus of not having a nickname.

I am peeved that 12 years after we named our daughter Emily in 1982 (#24 that year, but I had no idea), it became one of the most popular baby names ever -- #1 for 12 years in a row 96-07. Fortunately, she doesn't mind.


How funny! I was just wondering if you went by a nickname.

I'm not much for some nicknames either. My husband is named Michael, but no matter what, he gets called Mike. He would prefer Mick if anyone felt like they needed to shorten it.

I get called T a lot, and I also have a friend that calls me Tinie (teenie)and that doesn't bother me.


I'm a Barbara too but not a Barb very often a Babs.


Ooh, especially because Barb is just shy of Barbie. Eew! B's classy...it fits you! I feel your pain. When people call me Jenny, my brain becomes scrambled eggs and on the inside I am doing Jimmy Fallon's bit from the movie Fever Pitch where he covered his ears and hops around screaming "la la la" at the top of his lungs so he won't hear the game score.

The threat of being called Jenny, and the fact that in my first year away at college I was in a dorm on a floor where 11 out of the 20 people who lived there too were called Jennifer, is why I offered my self given nickname, Whit. Of course, there is always a wisenheimer lurking about out there, and when I used Whit at my first place of employment (as there were 6 other Jennifers on my shift), someone thought themselves sly and started calling me "Whitless". Then I knew it was time to move.


No one ever say smy name wright and that is such a pet peeve of mine. But, it is helpful when I get a phone call and they say it wrong - I know it is a telemarketer. My son is Christopher. I am amazed when I introduce him as Christopher and people say, "Nice to meet you Chris." Uh, did I say Chris? NO, I said Christopher. A serious pet peeve of mine!

I love the sign, Barb, Barbara or Blank. It's cool!


Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Stop On Over I'm having a Virtual Baby Shower for my daughter Breezy, games and prizes, would love to see you there! Let's Get This Party Started!! Hugs, Diane

Jayme L.

I'd love to see my Mom's name on that coffee cup - Bertha Mae (Don't you think a diner called "Bertha Mae's" would be cozy?) However, she's always HATED that name and goes by "Bee." It suits her much better. I'm a Jayme who's only nickname has been "James." I like it. Not too many girls named James.

Freckled Hen

I like the sign!
It really isn't nice to shorten someone's name without asking. My name is very confusing as it is a nickname that really has nothing to do with my real name but actually is a proper nickname for my sister's name. It has been the source of many "huh?" faces growing up. My sister and I joke my parents had too many kids and were just too tired to figure it all out.
Thanks for this post, Babs. It made me smile.

Mary Ann

I just cringe when people call me "Mary", but I just have a hard time saying "No, it's Mary Ann". Sounds so rude to me, which is kinda stupid, because they're the ones not getting it right. Oh well, been living with it for years.


My mom's name was Barbara and that was it for what people called her. A post-college room-mate once asked if she went by Babs or Barb or Barbie and I just laughed and laughed. I told him that when he met her he'd understand that she was NONE of those names - once he met her he agreed that she was definitely and only a Barbara.

Now my name is Paula and it always caused me much childhood sadness that there isn't really a nick-name for Paula, so I now have friends who call me Poppy and I love that!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

There's really nothing you can do with the name Carol, as far as nicknames go. I guess that's why most of my nicknames are rather inappropriate, because people had to get creative! That's a great sign, and I could definitely see it hanging on your shed, Babs.


Ooh I know how you feel. I get people who insist on calling me "Bunny". No offense to anyone named Bunny but Ugh! It's not like Bonnie is complicated or hard to pronounce.
People who really know me just shorten it to Bon which I don't mind at all.


When my daughter Emily was a wee girl, I began to call her Mimi. I loved it, but she didn't. In her baby-talk voice she'd say, "No, I Emily Marget (for Margaret)." We still laugh about it today. I once told the story to my co-workers, who now call me Mimi...which I don't mind a bit :)

P.S. After my new neighbor and I got acquainted, one day she said, "Ok, see you later, Babs." I looked at her funny and she said, "Isn't your name Barbara?" Her name is Angela, but we both call each other Babs.
I guess this means I'll answer to pretty much anything?!?


Hi it's me Diane stop on by for another It's a Boy Baby Shower Game #2. All winners to be announced on Saturday the day of the actual Shower. I have lot's of Games and prizes.Let's Party!


I understand completely, Barbara. I always thought it was cool how Barbra Streisand spelled her name.
When your name is Margaret and you go (for the most part) by Margaret, people take many liberties: Maggie, Peggy, Meg, Peg, Gret (I like that one), Marg (with a hard g), Marge, Midge, Madge, Margo, Marg-Rock... the list goes on. I don't mind Marg (with a hard g) but I LOATHE Marge. One little letter makes a big difference.
As for the Barb's sign: I LOVE IT and want to see it at your house! I can't do any fancy photo tricks...it's hard enough just posting them at my blog. XO

Karla Nathan

My sis, Barbara, goes by Bobbie Sue. It suits her, and I usually forget she is even a Barbara.
My name doesn't have a lot of nickname opportunities, but my family calls me Karkie. I hate it when strangers hear that and think it is Corkie. Makes me sound like a pug dog.

Elaine Richardson

My parents named my brother Mark and me Elaine so we wouldn't have any nicknames. From the day they brought each of us home, we were Lanie and Markie. So much for that theory.

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