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November 04, 2012


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Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

That extra hour was nice today, wasn't it? And I learned a new word -- let the festivities begin!

Into Vintage

Did you go outside and build a graupelman?

Love your milestone. I know exactly what you mean or at least I will if it ever happens to me.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Oodles!

Kim Kenward

I could use as many extra hours as I can get to help put away all our Halloween party decorations. I'm excited about the next holiday. Bring on the vintage Christmas!!


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but I must admit that I'm super excited to make a Christmas bowl full of faux vintage glass ornaments and authentic vintage miniature santa mugs.



Linda @ A La Carte

I'm so ready for some cooler days and some wonderful holiday fun!


Being the weather geek that enlightens the masses about the differences between graupel, hail, and snow is a bad thing?? Pah-shaw. :)

Glad to read that you and yours escaped the Superstorm without too much excitement.

And lastly, Merry Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. Oodles. And many moooore.

Lisa W.

Let it graupel, let it graupel , let it graupel ...... as the song goes! :)


Beautiful ornaments! Happy Birthday to Mr. Oodles! xo heather

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