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February 28, 2008


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I remember reading somewhere that artist Grant Wood originally had the man in the painting holding a rake. But the pitchfork really makes it!
Did it revive the pitchfork industry? I hope so. I want to win the prize!


This is my first time visiting your blog - when I have time I click on the ones I notice on blogs I visit regularly. Let's see, I am not going to cheat & look up the answer, but the first thing that came to my mind was Paint by Number paintings. I actually bought one at Joann's to paint myself since I can't afford the vintage ones. 'Course, I could be wrong about that answer. lol.
I love those pretty blankets on your recent post...what luck to get them for next to nothing!

Suzanne Bastien

Ok.. I have NO idea if this is correct.
However here is my vote (after a bit of research. I was going to say Pollack, however, I seemed to be incorrect in this!)

I will have to say Pablo Picasso, because of his painting scores on baked clay objects. They seemed to be transformed into seemingly animated things. It revive the pottery industry.

(information recieved from:

I love your blog! I hope this question gives you interesting answers :)

Take care!! Have fun pleating!

Cindi Hoppes

I am going to guess "Batik!"
Thanks very much.....Cindi

Cindi Hoppes

I probably can't guess again, but for fun, I would like to!
His painting is a part of the Gothic architecture because of the house top. It brought back a revival of the Gothic architectural style and thus the building industry was revived. The Washington Cathedral and Yale are based on it. So are the factory made windows and porch columns. Thanks,Cindi

Cindi Hoppes

I know this is my third guess. Sorry. I can't stand not to solve a puzzle. How about Tempura painting?! Thanks,Cindi

Hidden Pond Farm

Oh Barbara I just LOVE it here!!I finally figured my way around...WONDERFUL photos and I can actually hear you speak your words as I read them :)
GREAT basket!!!...is that the Valentine egg?
Let's play sooon

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