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February 29, 2008


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Lillian Pfohl

She played you so well one would think she was a violin prodigy! Hope you are still feeling the love Saturday - Lillian

Suzanne Bastien

Hope the sleepover went well. When your 13 year old can smile at you because you "saved" the day, it's a blessing!

You have more than 4 readers... they are just, sleeping! :) Leap Day activities.

Have a good day!


Those blankets are GORGEOUS!

And I love that you counting down with $1 finds. Over the summer I did a short stint with "milk money finds", things we bought for 25 cents. (Jack and I were finding a lot of quarters on the road on our morning walks.)


i am with you. i have a 14 yr old daughter, and anytime she is sweet to me like that, i know something is coming! how lucky are you?!!! i cant believe you got those lovely blankets for $1!!!

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