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March 26, 2008


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Now go thrifting! :-)


The graphics on the packaging are great!

Julie Fredericksen

My mother-in-law used to buy toys like these (80s versions) for my daughter. It drove me crazy. I kept saying, just get her a coloring book and box of crayons (if you want to be cheap). Ha! I didn't say the last part. LOL.

pasha plum

love. love, love these toys! I mean where can you get tiny scrubbing brushes and dustpans anymore? I don't know why I love them so but I probably would have bought the entire inventory and then carefully put them all in a box on a shelf. It is an illness.


I remember getting little doll house sets like that too. I just have to know, what do you do with this stuff?

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings

I had that very first set you showed! Oh my goodness, seeing it brought back all these warm, fuzzy feelings. I used to love little treats like that. Of course, I had pet rocks too so go figure! LOL


But, who can resist their cuteness? Look at those graphics. My take is that most of us grew up with lead paint all around & in the toys probably & we are still around. It's obviously better to not be doing that today. I always wonder about that old lead paint on the chippy painted shabby vintage furniture so popular.


oh i think they would be sweet in little frames or shadow boxes with some adorable vintage fabric or paper in the background! then you can keep them or sell them on etsy!

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