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April 23, 2008


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pasha plum

lovely illustrations! I buy those too--when I can find them.


i simply adore old children's books. i am attending a library book sale this friday which is quite promising (always has been in the past) the most expensive books are fifty cents! i can hardly wait!


Ah, this brings back memories. I have a good many children's books bought for five cents each years ago as discards from the public library. They are among some of my very favorite books.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

and the smell of those books instantly takes me back to the classroom, smelling my crayons in my pencil box!

Lili M.

Love that too; the world where every kid is smiling and every word is simple, nice quote!


Wow, those books are just gorgeous. I'm Jealous with a capital J!


I'm always searching for old children's books - just love them. The public library has a used book store & I've found a lot of great ones there - school readers, instructors books.
I have that same little book, See my Toys, although very beat up - one of the very few things saved from my childhood!
I've found Happy Days (50s era) and Happy Times (40s era)...darling pictures.

The scuffy bindings, covers just add to the charm. :)


Thank you so much for your comment.
Your definitely right, we do have a lot in common. I was salivating over your children's books and I loved your post about the three garage sale words cause that's so true!
I will be watching your blog closely this summer to see what other goodies you find! I love that you left that 15 cent price tag on your jadite bowl.
I would want to remember that too!
Also now every time I go to a garage sale I can't help but think about the camouflage camper with NASCAR stickers all over it!
Good luck this weekend!


there is just something special about old illustrations. thanks for sharing, i especially liked the scottie dog one

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings

You have touched on one of my passions! I just love vintage children's books ... especially old texts with those lovely watercolor photos. Art just doesn't get prettier than that!


Suzanne Bastien

I am the same way about old books. There is a street here in Denver called Broadway that has TONS of used bookstores, and I'm hopelessly addicted to buying old childrens books. The ones I remember growing up with.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one!!

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