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April 27, 2008


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Lili M.

What a great find! I like small things and especially when they are in their original package! This would look great in one of my little shops too. Enjoy!


I love the toys! I can't wait to get these kinds of toys for my girls. We're Greek Orthodox, so thanks for the Easter wishes. We're off for baklava, too! Homemade by my mother in law, no less. Yum!

Kathi D

Oh! So you are, um, out of the house right now.

Where did you say you were keeping your little furniture and food? Er, just curious. When will you be back?


After that mention of Greek food, you have me thinking about the Hellenic festival. I'll have to brief the husband and send him there for kolourakia (sp?) and spanakopita...mmmm, The play food is a great find. Isn't it hard to keep a poker face when you see something like that at a sale. I get all giddy and want to start yelling.


that is the sweetest find!! i love how you set up the photos for meals, hehe. i am envious of your meal, enjoy, i know you will!!

Beth Leintz

Hmmm- Chadwick dolly foods or feta and grape leaves- I think I'll go with Greek food, even though the doll food is charming!

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