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April 17, 2008


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Yeah! Yard sales. I'm ready too, where are we going? xo, suzy

Stacy A

Woohoo! Good luck! Is it freaky that I still keep a grease jar?, but in an old coffee can? You just never know when you might need a little fat to lube the pan ya know! So if you find another old ratty one, pick it up for me, it's about time I change coffee cans anyway :) Love Stacy

Suzanne Bastien

Have fun! I'm jealous... think of me while I am at work, drinking coffee, wishing I was not behind a computer. I'll check on you through out the day!


Happy Hunting!


ooh, ooh! have fun!


You are killing me with all the jadite finds. Good Luck on opening day!


My gosh I love that jadeite jar & the tulip graphic! This would so go in my kitchen. :) I found a bowl with a similar type tulip design - I love it & I love tulips. You bloggers in the east & midwest have the best finds for the best prices!


that definately is the find of all finds, and $1.50.....hot damn!
love the lid!


oh my gosh! That is wonderful! I WANT ONE :) I need one for my red chambers range! Rosemary

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