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April 29, 2008


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It is gorgeous.

I look forward to the day when my pottery can live somewhere other than very high shelves! LOL

pasha plum

That is a lovely arrangement! Now I totally get that little green table (I was having a hard time visualizing how that would work)


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings

What a beautiful little corner! I love it!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Oh my GOSH! You MIXED the paint you had and it turned out like that? Lovely! I think I have that same shelf in Red! Yours looks adorable above that table!

Beth Leintz

Love love love all those pastels together- and the leaves on the trees through the curtain sure is nice to see!


It Looks Beautiful! I am getting ready to paint my kitchen and want to do blue, but what a tricky color to find the right shade. I am dreaing the whole ladder and cabinet trimming thing!


So cute and spring-y. You are impressive. I am at the point that I have no more places to put my treasures! OMG! Time for a yard sale of my own. Wish me luck!

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Great colors! Maybe you will find some new vases this weekend. Susan


absolutely lovely!! i love your collection of vases and planters. you have such great sales by you. we never have antiques!!


YUMMY colors! I really like this grouping ;)

Julie Fredericksen

Everything turned out great - the walls, the shelf, and the colors of the pottery. I love it.

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