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April 21, 2008


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Beth Leintz

I'm with you- there is defintly an art to reading a garage sale ad. I'd like to get a ticket book like policeman have and hand out tickets to people with misleading ads that waste my time.

(I really sound like a crabby old garage sale lady, don't I?)

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

This is so true! My biggest pet peeve about yard sale ads? When they list it as an estate sale, keep you waiting at the door,(when you could be at other sales), and then have nothing in the house! It has already been picked over by a dealer. Not fair! I am always very polite, and rarely haggle, but some people don't "get" what a yard sale is about. Anyhoo..great finds. Love the milk bottle. Susan

karla nathan

That is an apt and hilarious point. Lazy listers!


lovely bits. another of my favorites is if they list gads of things. usually they have listed everything they have in the ad, and its not worth the trip!!

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