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May 27, 2008


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vintagesue of VRS

I can see you're as "firm" as I am. Then again, my dog outweighs me! Give Carson a special hug from me (and Cody)! XOX


i see i'm not the only one! my chocolate lab is just the same. oh sigh, they really do work their way into your heart. happy doggiversary!!


Awwwe!! What a total cutie!!! Not at all spoiled (he he he).


What a well loved member of the family anyway! He is adorable


The commentary and pictures on this post made me laugh out loud! Very cute!


What a cute puppy! What kind of dog is he?

Lindsey and Twyla

How sweet! He's so precious. Dogs just make life better!
I love how Carson was under the blanket. Our dogs don't like to be covered at all!

Cindy Roberts

Love Carson in the pink rose blanket!


hehe happy dogavisery. its good that you have rules!!
psst lovely looking garden..will we get peeks of it??


Great pictures of Carson!

robin~thrifty miss priss

What breed is he? Our little mutt dog has a lot of the same traits and looks a little like this one....(without the cute nose freckles) What is it about balancing on the back of the couch that they love so much?!

Karin A

Such a cutie!

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