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May 22, 2008


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Stacy A

My that cake looks delicious! That frosting makes it look like a cloud (a very tasty cloud) and I am glad I am not the only one smitten with vintage cake toppers. Wait, I think it was you who got me smitten! I hope you run across that billion dollar vintage find soon. Have a great weekend girl. Love Stacy

robin~thrifty miss priss

That cake is wonderful! And isn't it fun to think about winning the lottery and what you would do with it? I do this all the time!


What a gorgeous cake! I wish your daughter would have let you post a pic. Birthday pics are the best! I am working on my tagged assignment, I wish I had more pics to post with it.


Barbara, I'm sorry it took me so long to find you. I can't link back to your blog from your comment. But anyway, I found you now,and I'm glad I did. Your cake looks delicious. I would like to add you to my blogroll. I love your answer to #4. I too would buy every house in my small town. Fix it up and decorate it and anyone who wants to buy it has to sign a promise to take care of, love, and respect the house. And make sure that they take down the Christmas icicle lights by the end of January.


2 things: I went to school in Fredonia, loved it, even spent summers there. Was the Hook and Ladder Deli there when you were? Best potato salad and Sun Tea IN THE WORLD, and...I love the Swanky Swigs glasses. I'll have to photograph and post about my little collection someday. Have a great holiday weekend.

Lindsey and Twyla

I think after seeing your post that I may have in my excitement
did it to fast and didn't make it as pretty as yours!
I think it's neat that our ages can be so far apart but love the same things!
I think the birthday cake you made is beautiful! I especially love the flower glasses around it.


I didn't win any of those zillins of aprons you gave away some time ago... But you might win mine! Check out my blog, I'm giving away a vintage apron frpm the 40s.
P.S.Hurry, will draw on Monday night.


my goodness you crack me up!! and i swear there is no one buried in my back yard (apart from two bunnies and a budgy)
lovely cake, and yes you must humor the girl if it is her day. you can wear your special hat tomorrow. did i miss the recipe somewhere for this famous cake you make????? hmm hmm did i?oh and thanks for doing the meme

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