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May 31, 2008


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What a find! Lucky you! I'm curious as to what price you had to pay for the lot. Care to share?


Ahhhhhh....those buttons! Oh, my! I love those pink flower ones and the green...oh, all of 'em. What a great bundle of goodness. Love that blue rose fabric, too.

pasha plum

The buttons are lovely but I really love those blue rose prints--nice haul indeed!

pasha plum

Hmm, my post keeps getting eaten. love the blue rose fabric--very nice haul!


That box is a treasure trove! I have only recently discovered the wonderful world of blogland and your blog is one that I have now bookmarked. I really like your topics and humor. Looking forward to more of your finds and words of deep wisdom!


Oh my gosh! That pillow case is gorgeouse too (is it a pillow case?)!

But yes, the buttons...!!


What gorgeous buttons!!! And I, too, love the blue rose fabric. Looks like a pillowcase I have.

Lili M.l

Is my name in that hat already?? I love these buttons, what a find!


Oh my, you scored BIG girl! All that great stuff and the buttons are fabulous. I have button envy! xo, suzy


oh my goodness! what a treasure trove! those floral fabric are wonderful!


Eeep! What an amazing find. I love it all, but those pink buttons are just incredible.


Oh man, Jack would have been in button heaven! They are gorgeous.

And I love that child's apron. The kid ones are so hard to find!


I love button i have used so many of mine for button dolls in need of some.Please me me me!


What a great haul. I don't know where you live but I want to move there.

Lisa Boyer

Love, love, love the green ones. And the pink ones, too.


I don't have a misspelling, but my favorite advertisement ever is "Delicious Aspen trees! Try some today!"


Wow that was a great Find!!!


Button...button...who's got the button?? WoW! What a find! You've got oodles and oodles of buttons!


Wow!!! I'm not worthy....
What a find. I do like the apron and pillowcase fabric too though.


What an amazing find!! I have all of my great-grandmas old buttons...one of my most treasured possessions.

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