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May 31, 2008


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I was looking through our local paper this morning and saw in the 'For Sale' section that someone wanted to sell a "toddler wroght iron and wood bed with accessories for $80.00" Just thought you might appreciate that!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I'll keep my eyes out for the misspellings! I'd love to be entered into your vintage fabric giveaway! Love the colors on this aphgan!


this post made me laugh out loud! i think one of my favorites was an ad in the paper selling a cadillac deville, but they spelled it devil. i don't think i would want that car!

pasha plum

Oh I can't think of any misspellings right now but I have to get in on this giveaway!

Lili M.l

Hahaha!! I did enjoy your post very much (feeling very famous now). Though I'm not a big help because the words that I see spelled wrong are dutch words. But I can play along in your give away, so this comment isn't totally wasted :-)
Congrats on your 100th post! Have a nice weekend hunting aphgans!


I see people selling "rot iron" furniture when it should be Wrought Iron. Drives me nuts!

Stacy A

What a fun post girl! I will keep my eye out for those misspelled words. I see them all the time. The tongue one is classic. So glad to get caught up with you. Have a great weekend!


A few years ago the community center was offering children's classes on knit and croquet.


haha!! that is good. i dare you to do it one of these days!!! i cant think of any misspellings yet but will keep an eye out for them.
congrats on the 100! and your little giveaway sounds scrumptious!!


Years ago a sign in a chain store for "chick fashions" umm...did they mean chic fashions? I see SO MANY!!!! I'll have to start commiting them to memory...happy 100th!


Sign seen in a local yard: This property NOT for Sail.

The sign alway tickled me because I imagined the yard with a mast and sail floating down the road. I loved it and was sad when the sign finally fell apart.

ps my daughter is a horrible speller. I am always telling her something is misspelled. I'm not so good myself. It's in our jeans *grinning* I think.

Lindsey and Twyla

I love it! That's so funny. You would think in this day and age that person could have easily found out how afghan was spelled. Have you noticed a lot how people tend to put collectables instead of collectibles?!


Wish I had a quarter every time I see Little Tykes instead of Little Tikes (actually little tikes, according to the website).


I see misspellings all the time. Makes me nuts. Sometimes makes me laugh (or lauph...lol).

vintagesue of VRS

As a stringent super-secret-agent Grammar Policewoman, I'm sooooo psyched you are commenting on this. Can you now entice people to spell-check their blogs???

I'll be sending you things as they come in. And Lindsey/Twyla have my favorite pet peeve pegged!


Well nothing I've seen recently in a yard sale but two years ago my daughter watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then had to make a choc wrapper for school. Thankfully she made a practice one before she made the real wrapper for school and I was able to change her spelling - but I've kept her original "Wanka Bar" in a very safe place!


I am a terible speela mysef, so probly over look many and not no it. But I get buy!!!!


Sue Cahill

Thanks for the laugh, since I am a cronic misspeller I have probably provided some of those doosies in the past. Please throw my name in the hat for the gaveaway!


Oh my, I love those misspellings! Now I have a fabulously disturbing mental image of people retrieving bagels with their tongues, dutifully holding their hands behind their backs....

I'll definitely be on the lookout for some good misspellings for you.


Please put my name in the hat too. I love the post on here big smile have a wonderful day !

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