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June 04, 2008


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that's classic


OH, when it's bad, it's real bad :-> xo, suzy



The vases are so sweet. And your photos are always excellent.


Haha, that one is fabulous! (Or perhaps I should say, fabuless?)

pasha plum

Hey, I saw a sign at a florist's that said : Spring Bokay. but the very permanentness of the vender sign is magnificent

Stacy A

I have to say I felt pretty dumb, not getting this one. I finally realized it is supposed to be "vendor" right? I looked it up and apparently both spellings work, so I am only as dumb as the person who made it (doh). Or maybe I am really really dumb and it is something else. HELP!

Julie Fredericksen

Ooh, yeah, that is BAD!!

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I haven't been commenting anywhere. Real life intruded, big time. But now I am back and intend to have a fabulous summer, which includes re-connecting with my best blogging friends.

I am off to see what other posts I missed. I hope you don't mind if I don't comment on them all. I just got too far behind.

Love, Julie


hehe whats a vender look like???
arg i so love your vases!!
i am so coming to visit and you are taking me to the sales and you are going with your hands tied behind your back with no money!!

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