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June 14, 2008


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This is a clever and delightful post! You do such a nice job of photographing all of your wonderful things. I especially like the photo of the Jadeite.
One of my favorite treasure hunting compainions is my dad too. He often surprises me with things that he finds at garage sales too.

Best wishes for a happy Father's Day to your dad!


This is a great way to do this type of post, and how cool that your dad is a great junking partner. It made me realize I have never done that with my dad.


Oh, dads are the best to shop with. They always want to buy stuff for their little girls =) I share quite a few of your top 10 favs. Have a great Sunday. Blessings... polly


Awwww! I wasn't expecting such a sweet ending to that blog post! I too love going out with my dad, we yard sale and we both have the same method, fast! :)


That is fantastic! Your dad looks so sweet! Mom's always get cropped out.

pasha plum

what a cutie your dad is! I like to shop with my dad too.


I always love to show my stepdad what I find. He was especially interested when I found the pile of feedsacks last summer. I feel the same way about sewing notions. I LOVE to sort through a huge box of them.


Aw, how sweet about your Dad!

Thanks for the wonderful package of goods that you included with the beautiful card for my aunt!!! that was so thoughtful. I love it all, what a cute packaging job you did too.


Adorable post today! I especially love that your dad is your fav junkin' partner!!

Angelic Accents

LiLi M.

I love your finds. I like it all too...that's the dangerous part of fleamarketing....

elizabeth holcombe

Such fabulous finds! What a great "flea" partner you have!~~XXOO, Beth


Oww girl, you spoiled us, what a beautiful pictures! And your greatest treasure is definately your dad!


lol ok i am laughing my butt off here that you cut your mom out of the pic!! poor mom! hehe
love all your collections and have decided that if your hubby wanted to get rid of you, he could replace you with me and i would be quite happy living amongst your treasures. no. really. hehe.am i scaring you?? heheheh ok, that does sound kind of psycho, huh??


What a list! I myself like strawberry pin cushions and I have yet found only one! :) LOL

Love the picture of your Dad, he has a great "smirk!" Looks like a fun guy for sure. :)

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