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June 16, 2008


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Holy crap would I be excited to find that pottery (plus other stuff!) for $2.25!

I have yet to find pottery at an actual yard sale, but my pottery obsession is not that old. LOL

Beth Leintz

You are so right about garage sales- neighborhood sales just make homeowners wake up on Sat morning and decide to put up a couple card tables with JUNK on them- like dirty kids clothes, games that are missing pieces, Walkman radios from another century, CDs from artists you've never heard of and every book every written by Danielle Steele and John Grisham.


The trouble is we have to go to tons of sales to find just that right one that has all the great stuff! It can be frustrating, but worth the hunt.


I completely agree with all your theories, I believe they are actually yard sale facts! It's great when you are just about ready to throw in the towel, you find the score of the day. xo, suzy


Where on earth are the sales where you get anything for a few bucks each let alone a few cents?
My mom thinks it is Junk/Shabby Chic etc...that has everyone thinking that every piece of garbage they own is worth big money. I am sick of little tags at sales that boast "old" or "vintage." That is usually the most expensive garbage of the day.The days of traveling to a few sales with nothing but a tip jar full of change are long gone around here. And the thrift stores are worse!!! But, I do believe that persistence
does pay.


I should add that I had a good[if more expensive ] Friday ...an antique lightening rod, 2 vintage watering cans, vintage stool, an old school blackboard, African art piece, vintage window screen, funky cafeteria trays, cookbooks, vintage Christmas...including spinning color lamp for a tinsel tree.Yea!!!!!!


Love the canister and pyrex! Is the pyrex square-ish!


Wonderful cookie cutters! I have a lid that I think might fit your red Pyrex dish. If you would email me what the measurement across the top of your dish is, I'd love to send it to you, if it will fit. I've been holding onto it hoping to either find a dish, or someone that needs the lid. I'd be thrilled to find it a home!


see now, i have a theory that if they have a super long list, usually they have put EVERYTHING they have in it, and its not worth the trip.
nice haul, lovin the cookie cutters and vases!! you rock as usual!!

elizabeth holcombe

I am SO glad you stopped! What totally FAB finds! I am pea green!~~~XXOO, Beth

Kim Vagasky

Wow! Such wonderful treasures! And such a great price...lucky lady! I agree with your theory...the sub sales here (including the one I was in) have very little of anything in them, aside from kids clothes and games. I found all my depression glass a couple of weeks ago at a sub sale. I was feeling very discouraged and my daughter convinced me to try one more street and that's where I found my treasure.

Happy treasure hunting and have a great day!

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

You have come up with some brilliant observations. I will be testing those theories myself. You find the best stuff. I was getting a little frustrated with the sales, but you have inspired me to keep going. Susan


Love it all! I can't believe the great prices back there! Here, nothing is less than $1.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Very pretty cookie cutters, I was lucky once and bought a whole bag full of vintage cutters for 25cents.I gave one to my sister in law who had been looking for a certain shape her mother use to make.Happiness dosen't have to cost money !
Take care,


Wow, I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before now - it is right up my alley! Just wanted to let you know I am definitely adding you to my blog list and will be back soon! :)


Those cookie cutters are to die for! I would say it was worth digging through all the crao to get to the gold, no? :) The green ones are particularly cute!! Love the elephant!


Wow, $2.25 for all that great stuff!!! It was worth the 30 stops!! Love your site!


Wow, $2.25 for all that great stuff!!! It was worth the 30 stops!! Love your site!

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