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June 29, 2008


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Count me in as a homebody too! Even when we go to the lakehouse I miss our home. Did you have a good trip though?

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

What a sweet post! Great pictures too! I agree, I'm a homebody too!

Stacy A

I fell ya Barbara, there is just something about having a place that is your own. Although when I'm away my questions are more like, "man, I wonder how bad that trash I forgot to take out is going to smell?", or "i wonder how much dust and cat hair is now covering everything?" and "I hope the ceiling didnt fall in again while we are gone!". I swear I am working up to the garden and flowers. Just not there yet. So glad your back, hope you had a good time. Love Stacy


Lovely words to describe love for home


I know exactly what you mean! Lovely, lovely garden. xo, suzy

LiLi M.

Hi! Good to have you back so that i can improve my english; I didn't know the word homebody at all. But of course I know the type of human being very very well ;-)
We Dutch should say a house sparrow. You should know something about our bird population to understand: we have a lot of birds staying here for summer. They'll fly to Africa when it turns colder. The sparrow on the other hand stays with us always. Always near your home. It strikes me that a lot of 'outgoing' women on the internet are actually homebodies or house sparrows, including you and me.
btw I will be shipping the pugs on Wednesday. Take care!

two crazy crafters

I can so identify with you! I am such a homebody! Being surrounded by all my things is so inspiring and makes me happy!
P.S. I seen a sign the other day while at a stoplight that said: Rich top soil
will dilver! HAHAHA!!!


Welcome home! I can totally relate.


I am a huge homebody! I love to putter around,gardening etc..and I want to be LEFT ALONE pretty much the whole time. I let the machine pick up ...I avoid hard and fast plans, and yet, when I'm out I usually am the last to leave a party.!

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