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June 25, 2008


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because that wonderful fabric would have it no other way! so cute!

pasha plum

Ha ha, you have the same affliction I have! That project just needed to get out of your brain and nothing was going to get in its way!


Because that's what we do!
I won't leave home without my house in order either. Who wants to come home to a messy house?? You'll get it all done, we always do!! :)


p.s.: pincushion is adorable!

LiLi M.

The answer is: first things first!

I have the same sense of priority!


Because life is short! Make the most of your moments Dear Barbara. All those other things will still be there, but creativity is an elusive thing at times. Grab it when you can!

This is a charming idea!

Take care.

Beth Leintz

Because you knew we had to see it! Will you share your "how-to's"?


What a busy girl you are! Have a great trip, and what a lovely pin cushion :) I love that fabric too.


That happens to me, too...so much stuff to do that I have to calm myself by making something cute! Darling tea cup cushion, MissOodles!


It's because you are a vintage-loving, crafty whore like the rest of us. :)


Well, we must keep our priorities straight!
Absolutely love the dress on your last post!


I understand completely. When ever I am stressed and have a full plate, something in my brain makes a switch and for some reason I must sew, knit, craft etc....
Obviously it's my stress reliever!


I even put baking soda in the drains before we leave...Although you may not believe it if you saw the current state of Camp Bedrest, Love the pincushion.


I have no idea why you made the pincushion but I love it.


This made me laugh as it is the sort of thing that I do.Love the pincushion

elizabeth holcombe

You were inspired! And thank goodness you went with your inspiration...your teacup pin cushion is pure bliss!~~~XXOO, Beth

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