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June 20, 2008


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this post made me laugh...only because just this morning i drove out of town to a you-pick farm that didn't exist and then, since i was already on the right side of town, i went to the library branch on that side of the county to get a book that is in no other branch, only to discover that it didn't open until 12, and it was 11. but it was just as well i guess, as i didn't have my library card!


Thank goodness you didn't disturb a nest of yellowjackets in the garden! xo, suzy


Oh my word. Sounds like us! LOL

Hey, at least tomorrow is garage sale day, right? :-)

Pinkie Denise

Oh, gardening is so good for the soul, I always feel so good after a day with my hands
in the earth...take care Pinkie Denise

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Phew so much in so little time you make me tired just reading all this activity!
Have a good weekend,

two crazy crafters

You have a beautiful garden!
My progress on the etsy shop is going slow. I'm waiting until I get back from my trip to seriously start getting into it but my problem is by the time I get home with all my goodies I decide that I can't possibly part with any of it! I need to work on that!
Have a good weekend!


What a day you had! I hope everything is looking much better for you now!! At least you had your beautiful garden to potter in!! Fuel is horrendous isn't it? Although I just did the conversion and here is Australia we are paying $5.30 a gallon (that's US dollars too!!)


Your day reminds me of the children's book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; by Judith Viorst.
I like the "Alien" theory. :)
I believe all things happen for a reason!
Your gardens are beautiful and weed free as a result of your terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. See... that's not so bad.


oh my! what a bad day! and great way to turn it around. your garden looks gorgeous and i am amazed at how big everything is. my little lettuces pale in comparison.
have the aliens moved on??

Stacy A

Those aliens must have been heading east to me because Friday like that! I was out the door to appt., realized I locked myself out. At appt, my doc scheduled me wrong which ended up not mattering because somehow I had forgot to renew my insurance and it ended the day before. Now I have to find a way to borrow 1000$, yep you read it right, 1000$ to fill my prescriptions this month so I don't end up in the hospital for 10,000$.
The good news? I received 3 packages in the mail from swaps and giveaways to bring a tiny bit of sunshine into my muggy stormy day. Maybe I'll come to your house and garden next time. I hope things are looking up. Without those bad days, we could never really appreciate the good ones, right?
Barbara, could you email me your address, I have a little trinket I want to send you at some point.
Love Stacy


I'm sorry you had such a lousy day but your garden is beautiful. I see tomatoes and I am so jealous.

Jayme L.

So sorry you had such a bad run of luck! I'm so envious of your beautiful plants. I love the corner grouping - nice contrasting colors against the red. My goat climbed up the steps to our second story deck and ate my potted sunflowers. We might be trying goat as BBQ one of these days.


Your garden is wonderful! I can see why working in it would lift your mood. I find that nature often has a way of doing that for me too.

Best wishes!

I love the sweet bluebird in your previous post! Thank you.

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