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July 07, 2008


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I've also heard of those who dip the entire cob into the butter pitcher. Sounds delicious. Much more buttery surface to make the salt stick to.


Great picnic wear - my mouth is watering thinking about that corn on the cob - YUM!


What a pretty collection, perfect for your imaginary summer house!


Barbra your pics and crafts amazing!!!

vintagesue of VRS

I'm with you as to corn-on-the-cob utensils! I have a couple of sweet vintage cut-glass syrup jars! Keep your eyes peeled for them! Again, you have to hand-wash them, but it's worth it!


Oh I love red and green together! My great grandmother's kitchen was painted a jadeite green color with red gingham curtains. She taught me so much in that little kitchen. The combo truly warms my heart. Thanks for the memories this morning.


I love the glasses.

The thrift store during the summer is always a bit of a catch 22 for me. In theory, there should be plenty of stuff, right? It's where the yard sale leftovers go. But somehow it just never works that way.

(Of course thrifting is just the pits right now period I think.)


I love your summer tableware. Nothing says vintage like apple red! I am SO a corn holder person, grew up always eating it that way. I think I have about 3 different sets of them. xo, suzy


Love, love, love the glass corn dishes. I have the vintage green and yellow ones and my family thinks I'm nuts when I use them. In their eyes, you're supposed to use just your fingers to eat corn on the cob.
Love the glasses too!!!

Margaret McCormick

Hi, Barbara -- If you find yourself thrifting near the hamlet of Pompey Hill, check out Char's Shop. It's in a very cool old stone building (1827) on Rte. 91 and keeps erratic hours. Prices are reasonable, selection is nice and nicely arranged and I even saw a few 50-cent and $1-items! Plus, the shop owner is really sweet. C-ya!


I love that pitcher! Maybe I will get lucky enough to find some Jadeite one day!


oh i too hope that your friend uses an unused paint brush for her butter. i think the fairs use the same idea with the big cans of "butter" to dip in. i think the reason most people would do it, is the sheer amount of melted butter you would have to use. then what to do with it if there are any leftovers?? that is assuming you dont eat corn every day in the summer. adore the tablecloth. i am loving strawberries lately. great finds too of course


It makes me happy just to look at your cheery table. I'd love to have a picnic there. Anybody can throw some paper plates on the table.
Your imaginary summer house is a great idea. What fun!!

Joanna {sweet finds}

What awesome finds. I think the glasses are probably my fav. They are so bright & colorful. :) xoxo, Joanna


Oh lovely tableware.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

I am swooning over your tableware, especially the glasses. It is all so inviting, and just makes me smile. Susan


I have been searching for corn dishes with no luck thus far. Still kicking myself for passing some up at the Salvation Army because I didn't want to ask whether the single price tag meant for the set of 4 or each. Their prices are usually ridiculous so I feared the worst. You photos and your summer tableware are all GORGEOUS!!

karla nathan

YOur dinner ware just says "summertime"!

two crazy crafters

I love your tableware. How very pretty! Twyla

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