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July 19, 2008


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Those are awesome!! Especially the little duck/bird and the churches!


Can I enter even if I don't have a blog? Your blog is a favorite. You have such great luck in finding treasures. Christmas treasures like that bring back such memories of being a kid...

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

How lucky can you get WOW!!! I would of been over the moon!!
They are so gorgeous!!

Vicki K

Oh my goodness, I was right with you when you said your hands started to shake! How amazing to unwrap such treasures! I remember having those little candles at Christmas - the choir ones.
--Vicki K


What a great find! Your tree will look fabulous this year!
Wishing you all the luck (and peace and calmth and strength, looks like you could use some of that too) to help you through this busy week.


What a great find. Hope you have a great week.


The ornaments are lovely.

Good luck this week!

karla nathan

That is one of the best estate sale finds ever! What a lovely surprise to find those in the box. I will be looking forward to seeing the rest, but these are quite wonderful as it is!!

pasha plum

lovely finds! and good luck on your week--sounds like a good but busy one.


I love your candles!
I had never heard of Gurley candles before visiting your blog but after seeing how cute they were on ebay I have been searching my flea markets for them! I've found one little angel but I really fell in love with the halloween ones!
GOOD LUCK this week!
With everything you have going on it should at least make the week go by faster! Then it's back to the sales!


Sounds like a very busy week ahead! Hope all goes well. Love all your Christmas goodies! My hands would have been shaking too!


I cannot believe all of those ornaments were in one piece.

What a great giveaway. Thanks.


Wonderful ornaments. I find one here and one there, but never even two at one place. You were very lucky to have gone out today!


Great find! You're so nice to share!

margaret Parks

Wow! Wish I had been at that sale! You did really well, thanks for sharing the photos and excuse the drool on the message.
Have a wonderful week


How nice of you to share!!!! I love the old ornaments.


I hope your week goes well. You found some treasures there!

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

You have renewed my faith in yard sales. There has been a slow down around here lately, so I was happy to see that you had a terrific surprise today. Congratulations, and by the way, about the clowns...most of the people in this family feel the same way you do...I don't mind them myself, but my mother in law and oldest daughter find them creepy too. Enjoy your company. Susan

Beth Leintz

What a score! I've never seen so many interesting and unbroken old ornaments in one place. Ho ho ho!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

oh I would have been giddy with excitement! Great finds! Good luck with all the visitors!

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