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July 22, 2008


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LiLi M.

We live in a 'modest' sea climate so we are having lots of rain and mild temperatures too. Monday the first day of the childrens' vacation from school it was pouring buckets (learning quickly eh?). I met my two little neighbourboys with their mum at the supermarket and their mum told me that they really didn't know what to do, with those cats and dogs raining out of the sky! So I told them friendly that there was really no need to do nothing, they could always come to me, to clean up a bit, to weed, to do several of tasks I didn't like. They are so small they look really angry when you say something like that. Haha, luckily today and yesterday it's beautiful wheather as I really don't want anyone to touch my clutter!
I love each and every ornament you are showing. I just wonder what should be at the end of the boat?


You 'really' aren't going to show us your clown ornaments... are you?! bummer.

Kim V

More pretty ornaments!!! Here in Michigan the humidity has finally blown out and it's beautiful outside!
Have a great day!


ahhh, such vintage charm. Who knew there are so many different shapes. just love them.


Those are really cute!

Julie Fredericksen

Did you know that a new bride should be given 12 blown glass ornaments - a teapot, a fish, a house, a flower basket, an angel, a rose, a pine cone, a Santa, a fruit basket, a heart, a bird and a rabbit? Each represents some aspect of a home/family. I have been looking for a rabbit and a decent fish for ages. Your fish is great. All mine are new ornaments. I only have some of the great older birds with the fiberglass tails.

What a great treat to see these.

I love Gurly candles too and have quite a few.


Hi again Barbara, I just had to write back because I couldn't believe with how busy you sound that you'd have time to answer my humble comment! Thank you. I also wanted to let you know that I live in the Hudson Valley, south of Albany.... Hint, hint!

I hope you are getting some of the wet weather we are experiencing at the moment. We have been dry for such a long time.

Bye, bye!


hehe cute fish and boat!!
i hear you about the rain, i dont complain either if i can help it, because for the most part it does help it cool off a bit here. we have been fortunate the last couple days to actually be cool!!! whoopee!!


These ornaments are just so fabulous, I am enjoying every one of them. xo, suzy


Love the ornaments, what a find that box was! Well, this will really creep you out, but I think the clown is kinda cute!

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