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July 24, 2008


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Beth Leintz

Seriously one of the best collections of ornaments I've ever seen- and to think they all came out of the same box!

You're right that clowin is just freakin' weird- where are his legs? How did his face get so pink-i'm frightened!

LiLi M.

I have a few of those Santa's too. They always tickle my fantasy. Somewhere in that glasblowing factory there must have been the colorpen department. With those marking pens someone had to make the face and that little tree on the ornament. "no , no don't take too much time..just make eyes and a mouth..." (Of season such a person probably colored photo cards).

LiLi M.

I went back to the clown and heard the following : 'you have to paint the white eyes first and next the black eyeballs', the novice painter did what was told and of course this one wasn't thrown away!

two crazy crafters

Your pictures are so pretty. You do a wonderful job on your photography! Twyla


I was speechless when I saw that clown and thought I better come back later & comment. Oh well, I guess I'm too late. Whew!! That was truly scarey especially that Pepto Bismol pink face.
I like Santa & the snowmen MUCH better.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Okay, the Santa is quite fabulous and so are the snowmen. I went to a few estate sales this morning and came away with nothing. Sometime you win some and sometimes....well, you really hit the jackpot with the ornaments. Have a wonderful weekend. Susan


I love these. Thanks for sharing them, Barbara! My mom still has a box of glass ornaments from when she was a kid and they are just round globes and other shapes. No Santas or snowmen. Or clowns, yay!


I don't mind the poor ole clown soooo much, except for his creepy pink face. What were they thinking?

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Thanks for showing them, I really enjoyed that!

Kim V

Aww! These are nice! I love the middle snowman too!

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