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July 31, 2008


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Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love the pyrex bowls!
Lucky you!


Vicki K

I've never seen (or noticed) the squared Pyrex bowls before - SO cute. Kitty housewives and cards of buttons would be my favorite of the lot. As far as the little crocheted bags - if you put some lavender sachets inside, you could hang them from a clothes hanger in your closet for a good clean smell and to ward off moths.

pasha plum

Oh, Pyrex envy!! You are such a devoted shopper of sales and such and it pays. Good on you!


You always find the best stuff! I have one of those little red bowls.


You are nice too! I think everything you buy, without a doubt, are the same things that I would buy.

The red pyrex is wonderful. And, I am not a Pyrex collector. But, I would have had to have bought those!


I do believe that Pyrex later added the lid to the big bowl and then sold it as a casserole. The Oven & Table set never came with a lid. So the lid does match, but it's just not original to your particular set. The square/round Pyrex are my all time favorites! I have the large bowl in turquoise, medium in red and several of the 12 oz in red and yellow. There's one size smaller but I just don't like it as well and they're super hard to find. My Pyrex book says your set was available as early as 1949!

You find the most amazing stuff! You have the golden junk touch. :) I love reading about your finds!


Back to Doris' you go, huh? Good luck and don't let that chimney-smoking woman get ahead of you. I'm heading to Solvay and Lyncourt. Will report later.


Love the red dishes

LiLi M.

I like what Heidi said: the golden junk touch though I think my hubby would call that the golden junk curse lol!
Just put everything away and surprise us again tomorrow! Good luck!


I love the Pryex bowls. My kitchen is decorated w/ white and red finds and I think those are amazing!!
The little bags...reminded me of those little bags you buy to attach to your handbag and slip your cell phone in. But way neater!!


I love those trims. You are so lucky. The bowls are nice too.


I love those Pyrex bowls. I have just the home for them (LOL).
I love the trims. They remind me of my grandmother who made them for hankies.

Kim V

Love those bowls! I can't get over all the great stuff you find!
Have a great day!


Again I love the pyrex! What good stuff. Sorry I have been MIA Summertime gets the best of me :)


One of my readers just emailed me to check out your blog. I recently found a yellow square Pyrex bowl with only two smaller bowls. I was afraid there were supposed to be four.

So many great scores. I love your little sewing books. Too dear.


If I were you, I wouldn't be able to resist the lure of the sales, because, after all, you do find the best stuff! Great vintage finds are kind of like Jello, aren't they? "There's always room...."


I can't believe you got all that stuff...what a haul!!! I love those red bowls the best. I know what you mean about someone having to move out...I have so much junk that the kids have to step over boxes in every room...on their way out the door! LOL



O.K. thats it. You are the Queen Mother of all things thrifty.
I am amazed.


Maybe you could use the little crocheted bags (adorable, by the way) as Christmas tree ornaments? A sprig of holly or berries or a candy cane peeking out? A wee wooden hanger to use to perch them on a branch?


For the little crocheted bags you could make a little fabric pouch liner and fill it with something with a nice scent like lavender and hang them on door knobs or pulls so movement would release the scent or on a hanger in the clothes closet or linen closet to keep moths away.

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