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July 26, 2008


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I just love all those ornaments. They remind me of the ones we had growing up.

LiLi M.

It's good you get some distraction by going to yard sales and to buy these ornaments (tell that to your hubby). You can buy nothing (what he probably prefers) but go to an expensive shrink and bore (I wrote boar us, do you believe that?) us with the details. Now we are having a good time too. Don't underestimate that. You have to tell hubby; I have to go to yardsales and buy these ornaments (or whatever), there is LilI in the Netherlands and she counts on me! I cannot let her down and spoil her weekend!

(don't tell him that LiLi in the Netherlands has a hubby who wants her to tidy up, to throw away, to bring to the thriftstore but not to bring anything into the house anymore!!).

Did I already tell you that I want to be in that give away???????
Have a nice weekend!


Girl, you have my complete envy attention this weekend. Isn't that teapot divine. It just amazes me how these delicate, paper thin ornaments survive all these years. That's why they have to come home to my house whenever I find them. They were made to be treasured and hoarded, right? xo, suzy


Oh goodness. It has been a long, long time since I have come across an ornament stash like that. And I do hope you are going to tell me what else you bought, since you teased me with the dolly. :-)


Whoa! Do you live in the vintage Christmas capitol of the world? Just curious.Awesome finds. I am STILL jealous!


Whoa! Do you live in the vintage Christmas capitol of the world? Just curious.Awesome finds. I am STILL jealous!

Vicki K

You must have some magnetic thing going for Christmas ornaments - I have never seen that many NICE ones even all put together over time! I hope it lifts your spirits and gives you much anticipatory joy for the Christmas upcoming.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

o.k.....imagine Chris Farley....yelling "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" I'm so into those little houses I can not belive that score! and those ornaments? oh.my.GOD!
o.k......all better now!


My heart just fil-flopped when I saw your beautiful ornaments. Best find ever! I would have been ecstatic. Lucky girl!!!

Julie Fredericksen

You made out like a bandit!Yes, you may just have found the best ornament ever.


Unbelievable!!! You will be able to open your own vintage Christmas store... I hope training the twins not to break ornaments is as easy as training Cadbury was. He stole a stuffed Snoopy ornament one year, but that was our fault. It looked like his toys...


Sorry to hear that your week was not that good. But what a great find again. Love that teapot!

Carmen @ Thrifted Cottage Dreams

Oh my, what a lucky girl you are! Great job with your finds! I don't think I've ever seen any ornaments or cardboard houses like this at any of the estate sales that I've ever been too...maybe one day!


What an awesome find!!


I have a lot of vintage ornaments, but I have picked them up here and there one at a time or maybe, if I am lucky two at a time. I've never come across boxes and boxes like you do. You are one lucky gal!

PS - I hide stuff from my husband too. "What happens at yard sales, stays at yard sales".

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my goodness. I think you hit the vintage Christmas mother lode!!

Kim V

WOW! You really hit the jackpot! I RARELY ever find such wonderful treasure at a yard sale! I love the cardboard houses!
Have a great night!


OMG, I love vintage Christmas ornaments...and you got some beautiful ones. And the cardboard houses are to die for...lucky you!!



OMGosh, I would have wet my pants if I found all of those vintage Christmas items! I LIVE for those kinds of yard sales. (Estate sales are usually the ones with the good vintage items.) Wow, you scored big time! Love your blog, too! :o)

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