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July 05, 2008


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That was an outstanding market! What fun and such great stuff. I love those cards, why don't they make them anymore? xo, suzy


Great stuff!!
My heart started pounding faster when I saw that whole box of vintage cards. What fun it would be to look through all of them. And the apron with the kittens ~ be still my heart ;-)

vintagesue of VRS

Awesome stuff ... and CHEAP! And thanks for the shoutout!


Oh man, so much goodness for less than $20.

My hunt today yielded only 2 tablecloths. Yes, I bought more. LOL

Vintage Whimsy

Wow! All of that for under $20?? I wish I could find deals like that here in Maryland! I love that box full of cards.

pasha plum

Hey, lucky you! Beautiful tablecloths.


nice. what lovelies. i hope the flea market works out too! you were correct to use more than three!


Oh those vintage cards are fantastic


What great finds! A whole box of adorable vintage cards. Looks like you have hours of admiring fun ahead.

robin-Thrifty Miss Priss

Are you KIDDING ME? You still had change from a $20??!! The Bates spread is wonderful! But that box of vintage cards....I'd have to wear a bib looking at them I'm sure...drool central!


How freakin' cute is that kittens in apron card? Very. Oh, I want to find such a treasure box. My husband keeps reminding me we live in the wrong part of the country every time I moan about nothing at these yard & estate sales. I did have some luck at the Salvation Army yesterday...got a glass ceiling light fixture (blue glass) that I just couldn't pass up, even if I can't use it (it has 3 holes for hanging by chains - I have a pretty green/pink one in my bedroom that had a center hole so I was able to use it)...2 little white fire king tea cups with a floral type design, one Josef girl from the 60s-70s, and 1 green depression glass drinking glass....all for $6! They were having a sale.
I may have to search harder for the kind of vintage items I like to have in my home, but at least there are random pieces here & there, usually at the thrift stores.
Did you see the latest Country Living magazine? I got it in the mail yesterday & saw the cover & said, "yippee, my kinda kitchen"...when I got to that section in the magazine it was cool to see some of the same bread box tins & cannisters that I have. Fun. :)

LiLi M.

Hahahaha!!! Yes of course I find a pigs' head every now and then...
I think I live in the wrong part of the world. I think I would have to pay a euro (1.33 dollar) a card, count your box price!! Lucky girl! Today I saw a lovely vintage children's book and wanted to buy it after some hesitation because it was priced at 4 euro's. But I was mistaken it was 45 :-(
Have a nice Sunday. ps. Your pugs went flying last Wednesday, should arrive at your doorstep next Wednesday!


I am speechless...under $20??? If you see a very pregnant woman in a wheelchair wearing dark glasses, a trench coat and a fake mustache at the next sale...it may be me!!!! Darn, it would take some doing to get the husband to drive that far for a flea market after the babies are born. 'll just have to live vicariously....

elizabeth holcombe

Wow wow WOW!~~What a delicious haul! I am pea green, my friend!~~XXOO, Beth

Beth Leintz

Oh my gosh- you may not have brought Carson along, but you scored like a big dog!

Love the coverlet- I didn't know that Bates actually meant Bates College.


Oh my! I love all your vintage treasures! The blue postal birds, the great tablecloths! I'll be back to visit again soon.

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