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July 29, 2008


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Yes, you do have a special talent. You find the best stuff! I am in awe. And I'm thinking we must have been sisters in another life. My #1 fav holiday is Christmas, followed by a close second is Halloween. I am positively drooling over the witches. Cool find.

LiLi M.

With these witches it is the more the merrier. Wait until you have a witch army! I love that! I would cherish my gift, if I were you. Yes if I were you I would solely collect these witches and give the christmas ornaments to LiLi ;-D


You mean we don't need multiples of everything?

I am in big trouble then. :-)


Very cute. :) Especially that little owl in the bottom left corner!


What does one call a 'collection' of orange witches? A gaggle? A flock? A group???
Regardless, they are not as scary as that clown Christmas ornament!! :)


You crack me up. I envy your special talent. Unbelievable the cool things you find. I love those Gurley candles too. I have 2 of the ghosts holding pumpkins from my mother-in-law and one turkey from my mom. I keep them in my spare refrigerator since I don't have a basement and they would melt in the attic.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

They are so cute! In a scarey way of course! I'd never heard of them! I'll keep my eyes open around here...you never know when one of us may be able to add to your collection!

Carmen @ Thrifted Cottage Dreams

That's too funny. I don't think that I've ever seen one of these, but I will be on the look-out now!


You have a special talent to spot things...you get the best treasures!!!


Kim V

Love your candle collection!
Have a great day!

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

That is a great collection! I am a sucker for anything bright orange and Halloweenish. Last weeks garage sales landed me a 3 foot tall,plastic, light up ghost with black cat and pumpkin from the fifties. 3 bucks and I had to have it. My husband just looked at me and shook his head....it will look great on the front porch and he should be happy that I restrained myself from putting it there now...hehe. Susan

Joanna {sweet finds}

You definitely have a "festive" collection. I'm not ready for Halloween, but the cooler weather would be nice! xoxo, Joanna


I cannot even express how envious I am of your great finds!!


That was quite a haul lady. Isn't the best part sorting it all out when you get home? I love that part. I posted about Gurley candles at Christmas. I just love them.


I just had a chance to read all of your ornament posts and I'm in awe. This is the biggest ornament find (at one time) that I've seen. I keep going back to the Barbie head ornament and laughing. Someone actually spent time and money to make this!!!

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