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August 29, 2008


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pasha plum

wow, that sounds exciting! Good for you scaring off the moocher (from a safe distance).


Good for you! I had to laugh at the part 'screeching to a halt sideways'...at all our thrift stores there is always a worker taking the items so no one can steal them.


Now that's some excitement! I wonder if they realize they have scavenging scums around their donation area.


Good for you (and very well told, I might add)!


So... THAT was YOU?


...just joking! I didn't make it there today, but I can picture the scene clearly in my head!!


Wow, Barbara, that is some story. Good for you for having the guts to stand up to that creep.


So you'll write a sequel, "Simplify Your Space and Empower Yourself"? It had to be done, so I'm glad you did it. Sometimes it's hysterical how our sense of "justice" comes out at the junkiest occasions, huh?


I need to read that book! ;)

Beth Leintz

You have such an EXCITING junking life- and good for you for taking your stuff to Sally's and not going inside to buy anything.


I wish you had pictures because I want to see you all made up to go the Salvation Army. (I'm glad you went after this guy!)

LiLi M.

Now you really are my hero! :-D

I loved this story but I also like the idea of the story behind the elephant fabric in last post! Never stop wondering and imagening!

Have a great sunday!


Good for you! I know I need a book like that.

Mary Ellen

One of the best movies ever made was Fried Green Tomatoes and you had yourself a "Tawanda" moment. Good for you!


That was funny. Now, to picture you loading boxes into your Subaru, I need to know what color and model . (Kidding!) When I delivered mail, my car was a right-hand-drive Legacy wagon, and I brought home a hutch (Hoosier-type cabinet but a bit smaller), in it that I bought myself for my birthday one year in a city 80 miles away - much to my husband's chagrin. "Hi., honey, I'm home - could you give me a hand with this?" It's amazing what you can fit in those!


Awesome Barbara!!! Glad to see that there are still good peeps out there!!! And what does he think he was doing??? I may have to go to the library to get the same book... maybe it will help me to get mine cleaned out!!!! Good job!! and Good luck with the rest ;)

Loved the way you told of your day!!



OK, here's the headline:

Thrift shop crusader nabs button bandit!


You go girl...so glad you told him off!!!



Bravo! Confrontation shakes me too. But, had you not hollered at that scoundrel (so eloquently, btw), you would be replaying it in your head for days rewriting the script each time. Lordy, your writing makes me laugh. Thanks--I'm feeling empowered. Going to go shopping for a super cape for you, and maybe something pretty for me.

Joanna {sweet finds}

I took several boxes to the thrift store this weekend too. I use to see people rummaging through the donations on Sunday evenings. Then the Goodwill put gates up so that no one could drive into the parking lot after hours.

Anyhow, I started re-decorating my craft room this weekend. I actually surprised myself by "letting go" of a few things. I guess I'd rather have a really cute craft room then hold on to a couple of yard sale finds. :) (that doesn't sound like me... I must be coming down with something! LOL) xoxo, Joanna

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