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August 18, 2008


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It sure is sweet.

It might be that wierd size because it has been cut down and made into a smaller quilt at one point? It does seem like a particularly odd size for sure.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I bought one similar to this years and years ago, it was tattered and much used but you could tell it was once a loved quilt, but more than half was beyond repair, but I loved the pattern, I cut it up and made 6 matching place matts, I just love the look of them.

Joanna {sweet finds}

I bought a quilt in the Spring for $3. It's imperfect too... & smells like it has been in the attic forever. Maybe one day soon, I'll get around to washing it. I was told it would be best to wash by hand & air dry. It delicate & I definitely do not want to hurt it, but wash by hand! That's not my thing. LOL Besides, I think it would take forever to wring all the water out. I love the butterflies. xoxo, Joanna


Sometimes lovable is better than perfect!





Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

and just think how someone took the time to make it in the first place! I just recently became a closeline user for the first time in my LIFE...my husband and I sniffed every piece of clothing that came off the line that day, including our sheets we slept on that night! NOTHING BETTER!


It's a very sweet quilt and I agree, that mending just makes it special. xo, suzy


oh i think the mending is my favorite part
maybe it was made for a very tall baby lincolns bed??


It's a lovely quilt. I love the colors and I've always been fond of that applique pattern. It almost looks as if it's been cut down to fit a child's crib or small bed, doesn't it. I think that little person must have felt very special, if so, and enjoyed many hours looking at the patterns of the fabrics, daydreaming, and perhaps choosing a favorite butterfly.

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