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August 14, 2008


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pasha plum

those are lovely--and that is funny about your husband--mine does that too!


Carson is so adorable. And I love the Slumber pillow shams...just so cute!



I have to admit, the word lumber jumped out at me too!
Carson is adorable!


Carson is sure a handsome fellow, and so smart!

I love your shams. I recently bought an embroidery pattern for making a set of redworked Good Morning and Good Night shams. I've always appreciated redwork.
Your quilt is sure a pretty one too!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Oh, Carson is such a smart doggy!!!! He knows a good comfy spot to catch some zzzz's! I love your redwork! It is some of my favorite things of all time. Fantastic find!!



Great find on those shams! BTW, our hubbies must have been educated together.



That is the cutest picture! I love those pillowcases they are just darling!


Your bed looks beautiful - and Carson is adorable!

Carmen @ Thifty Cottage Dreams

Oh that's too funny! Love the backless pillow covers...I've never seen those before!

Vintage Whimsy

Aww! Your puppy looks so comfortable.

My dogs can't read but they do know how certain words are spelled. Like O-U-T or B-E-D and their favorite, C-O-O-K-I-E!!


I always learn something from you! Now I know my redwork coverlet is really a pillow sham. Thanks!!!

two crazy crafters

What a pretty bed! Carson looks precious! Have a nice weekend. Twyla

Maureen in IL

Score! Girl, you have been finding some great treasures this summer. *sigh* I don't have much time (or money) to go to sales this summer (planning my wedding - 35 days to go!) but, I NEVER find the kind of goods you have brought home! Green with envy here in the heart of the midwest.

Beth Leintz

You are on a roll- LOVE the redwork- and I think I fall more in love with Carson every time I see him.


hehe leave it to a man to read lumber on a pillow. those are so pretty. i know why you get all the great finds! because you know what they are!!! i wouldnt have had a clue what they were besides purdy!

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