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August 12, 2008


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Joanna {sweet finds}

I love your tumble-up. Pier 1 sells them, but they are clear glass. I asked for one once just because I like the look. I suppose they would be perfect for a mother with young children. My kids use to always come into my room asking for water before bed. What a great find. xoxo, Joanna

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I've always wanted one of those too. What a great find! Sure beats my plastic bottle of water.


I'm defintely going to keep a look-out for a tumble-up. I love the name! I can't wait to say to my husband, "Honey, can you go fill up my tumble-up, please?"!

Beth Leintz

"a drink of water whenever I'd like is enough to make me happy"- simple pleasures are the best, aren't they?


We got one of those (a new version) as a wedding gift, and it stays on my side of the bed. I love that thing.


What a pretty vignette. I can relate to your appreciate of having such a lovely bedside table. Those "little pleasures" makes all the difference in life.

Best wishes to you!


such a lovely tumble up! i didnt know that was what they were called, i had one in the past, but sadly like most glass in this house it was broken. i too wouldnt have loved it as much either if i had paid $49 the day before finding it for $1! lady luck was smiling on you

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