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August 17, 2008


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Beautiful tablecloth! And that cupboard looks great.
I have been trying to clean up my kitchen last week and found myself wondering the same thing about those magazine pictures. I know I have way to little cupboards with doors in my kitchen!


I love that tablecloth!! You got a great deal...only 50 cents!!


Gorgeous tablecloth, such bright and beautiful colours.


Magazine home are fictional. No. One. could live that way for more than the length of time it takes to take the photos! There aren't even any electrical cords showing! I won't go into my thoughts on those open front/clear glass covered cabinets. They are designed to make me look bad and be unsatisfied with my home. Ok, I am, but that is a whole 'nother story.

Q: HOW do you fix those small holes in vintage tablecloths so they are still beautiful?????? (I still love them with the holes and am afraid my patching would magnify the boo-boos)

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Cute tablecloth !!
Its bright and I am sure will make you smile when you see it esp. for 50cents I would smile too!


Peonies and bargains are my fave, so I love your tablecloth! Thanks for sharing the picture of your cupboard. It's nice to know you are a real girl living in the real world, lol.


Awesome tablecloth and only 50 cents! Doesn't get any better than that! xo, suzy


I so love the morning glory border on your tablecloth. 50 cents???Score! I may have to take a road trip to' Skinny Atlas' and move in on your territory. Let's see...40 miles or so x $4/gallon=no bargain no matter how much cool stuff I get dirt cheap. Gas prices> bargains = me staying in my own thrifting backyard. Your territory is safe...for now.LOL. You are so the Queen of cheap finds. What is your secret?


What wonderful Finds, love vintage table clothes, the button jar looks like a lot of fun sorting and picking your favorites. You sure do hit some good sales!
Hugs, Diane


i love your sense of humor. that tablecloth has such bright gorgeous colors, quite the find for you. i have always thought the same thing. they must have an uglies cupboard....


Wow wonderful table cloth!!! I love them too!
I have now collected about 10 of them in diffent patterns... and colors at the local auctions... some are real scores... some just HAVE TO HAVES!! :D
And your cabinet... well, lets just say I am really JEALOUS!! Mine definitely don't look that good... even when I clean them!! And go figure... I TOOK ALL of my cabinet doors off in hopes that it would help me be neater!!! NOW THAT is a real big laugh!! lolololol. I am rolling on the floor with all of that laughter!! Well, great finds and pics too love all I have seen so far... and I am sure I will continue to visit often!!! :D

Carmen @ Thrifted Cottage Dreams

Oh my goodness what a beautiful quilt and tablecloth! And your cabinet looks great! I often wonder too what all of the people showing off their beautiful cabinets do with all of the junk that they have! Thanks for sharing!


What a great score -- only 50 cents for a tablecloth that would sell for $30 or more at an antique store. I'm jealous! ;-)

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