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August 11, 2008


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I love your work on the napkin! And thanks for the lesson on identifying Belgium linen! LOL!


Rain here,too. Jealous of your teapot. I collect the blue...have some plates and cups and saucers. Love it. My hydrangea is going wild this year, too. Have been good and have resisted most sales. Did get a set of old metal garden chairs for $5 each, and a stash of shutters on the side of the road. Also, found an old hat box in a recycling bin with original black wide brimmed straw hat inside! Very Audrey.

Kim V

Oh no we are becoming "The Cat Ladies!" I took quite a few cat pictures this weekend too! The teapot and guest towel made me go ooooo!!! Love them!
Have a good day!


Love your blue Harker teapot, the hydrangea, and the embroidered guest towel! And - just for future reference or general information - there can NEVER be too many pictures of cute kitty cats!!

LiLi M.

I love that hydrangea, I had one almost in my shopping cart at the garden center (do you call a shop that sells gardenstuff a garden center too?) today when hubby (vacation...) pointed me at the price tag-> 30 euro's (50 dollars) then I almost bought hydrangae pinky winky (colors from green into pink) but that one was 50 bugs too.
No hydrangae for me today, but of course we didn't go home empty handed: a camellia, a helleborus, foxglove and a big blooming red rose. Mmm perhaps I should make a picture and post more often too! Have a nice day! Thanks for the id your linen lesson, I bet you can recognize dutch linen too ;-D Great american embroidery ( that's something I can recognize!!)


I really like your picture of the hydrangeas in the teapot. The colors work so well together and look so fresh.

Cute picture of your kitty too.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

that table scape is beautiful! Love the hydrangea! Might have to plant some of those! And too many kitty pics? NEVER! Love the black spot on the nose!


Ya gotta love a cute kitty!

Beth Leintz

One thing I love about reading blogs of other junkers is the great tips I get- like how to indetify Belgium linen- thanks! You crack me up!


I'm a dog person, but dang, that is a cute cat!


Well, I for one think Patch is very deserving of having lots of photos taken of her. She's quite lovely. So are all of your other photos. I collect lots of things for displaying flowers in too!


Oh, good....I've stumbled into the right place...I get to see pictures of beautiful cats...living vicariously cuz I can't have one....thank you....


i wouldnt worry until you start collecting real cats, and they overtake your house....and the kids down the block call you the crazy cat lady...until then, i wouldnt worry, i love seeing pix of your kitty

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