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September 12, 2008


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Is that MORE fabric? I guess that auction must have been good! (too good?)


Happy Sorting! Looks like treasure to me!

Beth Leintz

Oh you've got a fun weekend ahead of you!

LiLi M.

Better than the Santa Pitcher??? You must have learned from Beth Leintz how to create a cliff hanger. Do you know that it's one am over here and that I want to sleep now and don't want to get too excited huh?


Thanks for leaving us hanging, and to put icing on the cake you had to show the boxes. Do you know what stacks of boxes full of "stuff" does to me?

Oh, and love the Santa mugs and pitcher.


I can't wait to see the glorious fabric :) I love the Santas. My Grandma had a set of those, and I adore them.


too funny! you make me feel really normal! thanks :) enjoy sorting thru your boxes!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Wish I could help you sort through the boxes..... heck I just want to snoop!
I love the Santa mugs and pitcher sooo cute!

Joanna {sweet finds}

Did you find some vintage fabric??? I love my pom-pom trim! And it's in my favorite color... so, it's all good. :) I am so glad I we swapped goods. Thanks! xoxo, Joanna


Oh, I love those mugs and the pitcher! And I would love to dive into those boxes with you. You always have such great finds, I envy you...


gosh! What a wonderful set!! I was thrilled to find just a set of four Santa mugs in their box at a thrift store last year. Mine aren't as old nor as nice as yours!


oh my! thems a lot of boxes!!! please dont tell me the santa pitcher AND mugs were $4?? please dont. i love his striped "pants"

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