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September 16, 2008


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You sound just like me! I love your blog..one of my new faves:)

Beth Leintz

I'm like you- organize and sort and categorize, plan and make lists- but keeping your eyes open for accidental pumpkins is good advice.


Nice! Our compost pumpkins are only yielding the one pumpkin, but there are warty gourds everywhere.


Serendipity! xo, suzy

LiLi M.

This is spooky! I love lists and hate surprise visits too! My brother and his wife (who I hate even if she shows up planned) tried to surprise me with a visit on a Sunday, while my husband was on a business trip and I was crafting still in my pajamas at 2 pm, last year. They noticed that I wasn't very hospital and complained about it. Talking with friends about this incident, (Am I really weird? Is it too much to ask to phone first? This is the 21st century man!) a friend told me that one selects friends that way. We (she and I) all have friends who don't like surprise visits neither to have nor to do.
Hello friend!

Pumpkins are great! They don't mind when you are crafting at 2 pm in your pajamas and are not eager to make coffee.


hehe accidental pumpkins, i like the name of this post. you know i have heard of this happening before, but only with pumpkins in the compost!. your pumpkins look lovely, thank goodness you went against your nature and let them be


I'm a strange combination of a listmaker/controlfreak and the flexible chaoslover. I need to feel a little bit in control but I've already accepted that life at our home is totally unpredictable.
I can totally relate to your post, you got to love it when life gives you accidental pumpkins!


We've grown things like that in our front yard (and side yard) accidentally. I guess from rotting pumpkins that did not make their way to the bin.


OMG, your pumpkins turned out perfect! I wish I could be more like you. I kind of fly by the seat of my pants...but I need to start making lists more. I never get anything done these days!



I agree with you, howerer, DH and dear dog are opposite. Makes for some tense moments...and a messy house.


Accidental pumpkins?! How wonderful!


This year we had accidental pumpkins, gourds, sunflowers and potatoes. You just never know what will pop up in our yard! Too bad our pumpkin was ripe in July!


Pumpkins accidentally sounds great.Wish my garden had a majority of accidental growth if the result is like yours.


Love your accidental pumpkins! What a wonderful suprise!


OMG_ Id be in Pumpkin heaven if I grew a set like that! Some day! How sweet! Life is full of surprises eh *winks*
Enjoy and i like the display of them all sitting in a row! You go!

Sarah Keith

Yikes! I'm just the opposite. My husband would LOVE me to be more organized. Too funny...you don't like open-ended commitment...I don't like commitment...except for my husband! ha! Happy Fall!

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