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September 13, 2008


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Beth Leintz

You did good! I love an auction or estate sale of someone who loved pretty things and crafts- where you find boxes of broken jewelry in with the Christmas stuff because the lady of the house liked to make ornaments with the sparklies, and boxes of old cards that were kept just because they were too pretty to throw away.

Can't wait to see your feedsacks- I got a book about feedsacks last week...

LiLi M.


Well allmost!
I love seeing posts with 'bargains'. Especially yours! That Scotty dog box is great! I'm curious to know what you will do in your bedroom now, home improving of course :-}. I love those pixies and their cigarbox. In fact I have a crush for boxes and tins. Why buy plastic containers when you can use these? Better for our environment too! Oooh buyers at auctions and flea markets are such environment conscious people. Have a great Sunday!


What great stuff! The scottie dog box is fabulous, just fabulous. xo, suzy


Ok the pixies and the trims are too much! I love them - great finds!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Wow jackpot!!
Lucky girl!!

Susan@ black eyed susan's kitchen

Total fabulousness! Love the little party favor holders (baskets). I remember them from my childhood. Susan


geez i never know where to start with my comments on your blog. literally everything you get, i say to myself, yup i would have bought that! i love the pixies and will hold you to getting that pattern up, some day!! the doll is a wee bit risque!! thank you for putting something on her, even if it is see thru!! haha
she does kind of look like she could bore holes in your head staring at you tho....

Joanna {sweet finds}

i love all your finds. I wish I could attend an auction like that... it sounds like a lot of fun. xoxo, Joanna


Ooooo...feedsacks...I can't wait to see them...


yOU hit the jackpot, I am always on the look out for vintage party goods and vintage crafting/sewing notions, not too much luck so far:(


I love feedsacks, and that scottie dog box is a real treasure!

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