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September 04, 2008


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susans at black eyed susans kitchen

And yet, your house tells me that it has character and that it has had some very interesting people living there. It says that it is a friendly farm house with a creative and kind owner. I love the style of your farmhouse and the front porch. Susan


Oh sister! You are playing my song! This fall I have promised to get this house under control. I was actually happy to see the kids go back to school so that I could devote more time to my decluttering process. This time I REALLY mean it! No estate sales [I have lost my taste for acquiring more} No junk stores, thrift,garage or rummage sales,either. I am hoping that this is it....that I can stick to my non-shopping guns. So far,so good. They went back to school yesterday and I exercised and made dinner and DIDN'T go shopping. Day one completed.....day two half way thru....we'll see.


Oh my,...I can't even begin to imagine what my house would say to me. It's always messy too..so much junk everywhere. Not enough room to put everything I thrift..yikes! Maybe I should stop going to sales...hmmm, nah!



I have a fairly large clean out once a year. I find that as I am interested in collecting new things, the old things don't matter to me anymore.

I also try (it's a bit hard with Jack under foot), to weed out current collections as I find newer pieces. I parted with a few quilts earlier this year, and I need to part with a few more! LOL

Rabecca G

My house and your house could be best friends. When your house is done whining (and all middle age houses do) I think it will say thank you for letting me shelter this family. I am happy they are here. Your thrift store treasures probably thank your house for giving them a home (even if it is in the attic). You've inspired me to have a talk with my house and see what it has to say. I hope it is kind.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

My house is an old house(its my age),and its complaining too , needs new windows and what about a new front door?? Painting the living room would be wonderful.It keeps asking for a patio,but hubby has deaf ears when it comes to more work..sigh.... my house is a lovely house, it just needs some love now and again.


Hmmmm -I am very afraid to ask my house how it feels. You have really got me thinking - about the stuff. The stuff that surrounds me everywhere I turn.

julie thompson

This kind of post is exactly why I always think "oh, good!" whenever my google reader has something new from your blog. Love it!


I fell like a good cleaning here would be in order too! Too many estate sales :) Gosh if my house could talk........


I think I'm happy my house doesn't talk. I'm afraid of what it would say to me...

The Wickmans

Your house is beautiful, especially all the gorgeous flowers. May I ask where you live? Those gazebo and pictures of the docks in your town are amazing and it looks like somewhere I'd love to visit... Love your blog!


Methinks your house has been listening to my house....

Lalalalalalalalalalala; I can't hear you.....

Take the Declutter Challenge. It was supposed to be a week of getting 100 things out of your house, but I've extended it to a few months. It's all good....



Wow, you have such a beautiful house!

I have gone through the same thing lately. I used to buy something every time I visited a thriftstore, restraining myself from buying too much. But lately I come back empty handed, whenever I go there. And I do go almost weekly to drop off things. I've been in a decluttering mood all summer, it feels great to sort through stuff and clear out cupboards.
I don't want to think about the things my house would say. It probably would be something like: please finish the things you've started working on! (like some tiling in the kitchen, skirting (? english?) in the living room and ceilings (!) in the spare room and the hallway in the back...)


Oh my, what a concept - a whining house! LOL! Among other things, mine would scold me for overfeeding it - I have it stuffed so full of things right now. Makes me want to hug it and apologize...


Oh goodness! I enjoyed reading this post very much, as I've been hearing many of these same complaints from my ordinarily sweet little house. I think many of us who love collections and crafting reach a point when we, (or our houses)say enough is enough, and we decide to edit, if not entirely change our ways. I think that is how a great many wonderful shops have started. It's hard to resist beautiful old things, even when we don't need them. Now, I tell myself to think about how happy it will make someone else to find that wonderful treasure that I've left on the shelf. That helps....a little bit! LOL!

I'm looking forward to seeing, and hearing more from both you and your house!

Take care, Barbara.


I've been purging clutter from my house for 3 years now. I'm ALMOST done. My secret is that for every 2 items I get rid of, I only bring in 1 new one.


im sorry you are feeling so weighted down by your things. i think putting away the summer bits will help. maybe you need to start getting rid of just a wee bit?? maybe sell some?? heck, maybe you should become a dealer and then you can buy all you want but it doesnt have to stay with you!! you could just do flea markets on weekends!! (oops did i just let out my dream job???)


This post brings back wonderful memories for me! I grew-up in the same style home, only it was light green with the old, primitive-type siding. My dad installed a swing there on the porch. :)

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