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September 14, 2008


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What sweet fabric, I love the pigs and the ducks! I use up all those packages of seam bindings, hem facings, etc by using them as "ribbon" to tie packages. I send out all my packages wrapped up in vintage pattern tissue tied with a "ribbon". xo, suzy

pasha plum

I think that is my new old favorite too! I think you should make a flamenco skirt and use all your binding to finish off all the ruffles--and then you would have a flamenco skirt for all those times that you need a ......... oh nevermind. :-)


hmm i guess you will have to start quilting!!
sorry i am no help. um i think someone would love to buy the batting for xmas type craft, esp. if you put that in the description!!


Good morning...I, too, love your new fabric...absolutely too cute!

I use seam binding when I wrap packages...the colors are so vibrant!



I am fairly sure that people on Ebay will buy the old batting. (They will use it for restoration projects I would guess.)

Seam binding makes great buntings. Package ties. If you are a sewer (and I think you are), you could use different seam bindings to make a sort of log cabinesque pillow by sewing the strips onto a square piece of fabric. (Ohhhhhhhh would be a cute tote bag too.)

LiLi M.

Hurey for drinking local!! It's way better for the environment and it probably tasts better too. Your fabric is so cute, but you have shown us a lot of lovelies already so I don't know whether this really is the best. I remember a fabric that you sent to Hollyhocks Vicki as a great fabric too, and a dutch fabric. I think you have to make a post of the top 10(0?) of your fabrics.
Having too much is a burden, I always say. So make a giant giveaway here on your blog or trade from your blog, I can trade pug cards :-D
Have a great Monday too!

two crazy crafters

First of all, that fabric is one of the neatest pieces I have ever seen! I do believe if you tried to sell the batting on ebay, you would have good luck, especially if you made suggestions for it's use so that people start thinking they could use it. The seam binding is Wonderful stuff! Some people use them as the ribbon in their handmade tags, which adds an element of vintage which is always appealing. You can use it any way you would use ribbon. I would imagine you could sell it very successfully on ebay or etsy. Have a great week! Twyla


I too have MANY packages of seam binding. I guess I could use it to tie up the MANY piles of fabric I have...Good luck with the batting. I save stranger things! I did buy new cotton stuffing so, you could probably sell it. Ahh, the Finger Lakes in the fall...you lucky gal!


That's beautiful fabric! No idea what to do with the batting. Use it as "snow" for a christmas/wintertable maybe? And the seambinding; I googled it, to make sure it was what I thought it would be (my sewing english is not completely up to date) and found a project on Martha Stewart: http://tinyurl.com/5jmxfk


What cute fabric! I think I have a few Eisenhart prints in my stash. I know alot of people use the seam binding to wrap packages. You could sell it! I love that stuff! Have a great week.


Your "new" fabric is wonderful. I can just imagine a housewife in the 40's keeping it for "something" special. New kitchen curtians, an apron, a little dress for her daughter. I love it when I find pieces like that and I can make up a story!

Jenifir T-T

Beautiful Fabric!!! I would reuse the batting in any project requiring it that also was using vintage fabrics. Maybe you will find a vintage quilt top, although I guess that they are getting harder to find. I would use the seam binding to make aprons. I like to use just the right colour especially when working with vintage fabrics. Modern dyes seam so harsh in comparison and the binding available now has way too much polyester. Just make sure you soak it in vinegar and pre-wash the binding before using it!

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