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September 22, 2008


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Ohhhh I am super JEALOUS! What a fabulous new collection. I want one too. I guess I need to hit some auctions ;)


Are those yellow flowers? I can't wait for you to post pics of each one.... drool.

LiLi M.

Finally, finally I cannot join a challenge 'showing your...' because I don't have any!!
Yeah!! I'm going to tell my husband rightaway! (Btw we both didn't know what feedsacks are before your post)


I love your collection. I have a lot of linens from my grandmother but I don't think any of them are feed sacks....I'll have to go check. :)


I will be in again this Friday. (Assuming I can get all the other posts in that I need to get in this week, oy!)

I found some more that have already been blogged before, but people will get over it. LOL


Sadly the only feedsacks I own were made into curtains (and hanging in our scary basement). We bought our house from my husband's great-aunt and that's what she had covering the windows and left them behind. We replaced the windows, but kept the curtains up. I've been wanting to take them down and washing them, but that would require me going into the basement ...


I didn't know feedsacks were so cute!!!


Love it! Feedsack Friday! I am so IN! xo, suzy


Can I show a feed sack quilt? If so, I am definitely IN!!


I don't have any feedsacks. I don't think I have ever seen a feed sack and I wouldn't know what it was even if I did see one. I thought feedsacks were, well, ugly. Yours are so pretty.


Very fun collection! They look yummy in that box.


Wow. Not only is it an instant collection. It's a GREAT collection. The children's prints are just wonderful! I may have fought you for this one. Good thing we don't live closer!!!! P.S. count me in for Friday. I read Sarah's post and thought I missed it.


OK, I know I have way too much stuff when I don't even know what I have. I just discovered six feedsacks that I bought earlier this summer, simply thinking they were kind of cool but odd pieces of fabric. So count me in too!


I don't have a lot of them, count me in anyway. Oh wait, there are some feed sack quilts. Come to think of it, some aprons too. It will be fun to look at all the yummy fabrics.

Susan@ black eyed susan's kitchen

That is one great collection of feed sacks. I can honestly say that I do not collect them, but they sure are tempting! Susan


oh my! what an amazing find! i love those, lucky you!


I am still looking for two more feed sacks that are hiding in this house. I will try to post pictures after the sun comes up in the morning.

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