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September 25, 2008


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Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I love the red and white ohh be still my beating heart!!


Beautiful fabrics! I just started going to the monthly flea market in Alameda and I must say it's going to be trouble!

LiLi M.

After feeling relieved I now feel discriminated; I want at least one feedsack!
Have a great weekend!


That is some collection of feedsacks and to find them all at a sale! They are all fabulous!! xo, suzy


I love the star one! I collect suns and moons and stars and stuff so that is my favorite too!


I think we share the same favorite. :-)

(And those are excellent stitching holes. If people find them still intact, the stitching is done with a thick thread, more like a kite string than a thread.)


What great finds. I could look at them all day.
Thanks for hosting this feed sack showcase.

Maybe you can do more of the same in the future, using different types of fabrics or materials.


Finally the fog lifted and I got my post up.

Joanna {sweet finds}

What an awesome collection. You always seems to find the most amzing patterns & prints. I'm just a little jealous. :) xoxo, Joanna


You always have the cutest things! Thanks for hosting!


Thank you for answering my question before I asked it. Now I know how to identify a feed sack. They will probably appear everywhere I go now. Stop by my blog, I have something for you.



Oh I love feedsacks - love love love. Yours are beautiful.


Hi Barbara, I'm gettin' there. It'll have to be Feedsack Sat. or Sun. for this girl though. Not much sleep last night. You so lucked out. That is a great collection.

Niesz Vintage Home

Love them all! Such fun prints. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
I just got a healthy stack of new feedsacks myself. Slowing making my way through to inspect and photo them.

Kimberly :)


ooooo girl....if i had known where you lived i would've been snatching that stuff off the line!!!!!


I had to laugh! I know I have already commented but today I found an outfit make out of old feed sacks. And not these pretty ones, but the ones that say, bag of corn with a picture of a corn stalk. If I can get a picture I will and share it!

Beth Leintz

You really shouldn't put your very valuable feedsacks out in the backyard, they could get stolen- where do you live....?

Great collection and I am totally drooling over it!

I also tried to peek through your laundry to see if there was a little Carson helping you.


I love how you set your feedsacks in the vegetable box...so pretty!

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