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September 05, 2008


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Haha, I love it. Good for you for resisting the urge. I must say, though, I would probably buy "cow items" before buying guns. Not that I even know what "cow items" might be. Are we talking branding irons and fencing, or figurines of cows holding fishing poles?

LiLi M.

I had to google Princess house chrystal (yak) and hess trucks (blllgg) first, but I know what ou mean. Guns are totally forbidden here (you buy hashies and marihuana and stuff but no guns), but I'm not the kind of person who relates to guns. There are no yard sales over here :-( Probably because we live with so many in so little space. But people here tend to exaggerate the stuff they sell even on internet auctions. Mostly because they haven't got a clue what is antique, what is art deco...nor how they have to write it! Good luck on your next yard sale ;-)

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love your treasures, sweet colors!


We once rented a house on Canandaigua Lake that had an appalling rooster collection. I still think of the house every time I see a rooster themed object. Strange too, because it was a great house.


Cow items, dang. Booo, I mean mooo. xo, suzy

Kim V

Cute post! Love all your pretties! One thing I'd probably add to the list...tools.


Beautiful goodies in your pictures.

My DH, son and I stopped at a garage sale one day. We had just done a major purge on DS's room and donated a boat load of his stuffed animals, which reproduce faster than bunnies. Anyway, I was looking through the goodies when I started hearing laughter. My DS and husband were filling two garbage bags full of beanie babies, because the owner wanted rid of them and was selling them to DS for $1 a bag.

I about sat down and cried on her garage floor.

If DS or DH are with me, I will always check the ads first.

I've never seen a gun at a GS, but I've seen tons of cow stuff-ew.

Joanna {sweet finds}

Funny. I no longer read yard sale ads. It never fails, people will say the have antiques... and they're not. At best, maybe somewhat vintage. I also refuse to list items I have when hosting a yard sale because I don't want to turn someone away! I usually write HUGE sale & hopefully, people will come check it out for themselves. Cow items would definitely turn me off. My very first kitchen was decorated in cows! 17 yrs. ago. :) xoxo, Joanna

Beth Leintz

Can I add to the list:

1. Childrens clothing unless it has never been worn.

2. Florists vases

3. Canning jars

4. John Grisham paperbacks- we've all already read them.


Ha Ha.Princess Crystal. I went to school with a great group of girls that I have stayed friends with for over 40 years. They have stayed true to our religious and political upbringing [not me] and have stayed true to the Tupperware Party idea, hence, my introduction to Princess Crystal. UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! How could I wind up so different than my friends? If it is cracked,peeling,rusty,I love it. They won't consider an 'anteeque' that isn't pristine. I recently bought one a tea cup and saucer at sale. As I was wrapping it, my husband inadvertently knocked it over and broke the saucer. I gave it to her anyway with the funny clumsy husband story attached. She said she would find a use for the cup, but could not imagine using it for tea since the saucer was gone. Gee, I do it all the time. I find taste a fascinating theme.

Susan@ black eyed susan's kitchen

You forgot to add geese to that list :) I have been avoiding sales lately myself. I just can't seem to get motivated....maybe it is all the ads selling beanie babies and cows. Susan


my biggy is a long list. if they list everything under the sun, i know that is it everything they are selling. and its not worth the trip. hmm, baby clothes, or if they list a bunch of baby items.
i too had a cow themed kitchen for my first home and everyone would buy me cow stuff. i HATE them now. but i wouldnt mind the rooster house!!

karla nathan

Another bad one is just "collectables" because you know that they really aren't worth collecting.


Mine are baby stuff and cat toys.


I went to a rummage sale that had lots of small appliances from the 80's. Unless I was a set decorator for a TV show set in 1982, why would I want to buy a Mr. Coffee from back then?


This is fun! Clothes will make me drive away the fastest...sheets too...stuffed animals...encyclopedias (ohhh...yesterday the Salvation Army refused to take mine!)


I rotate my things in a seasonal way too. That way I don't tire of them, the house doesn't become quite so full and it's fun for my friends to see new vignettes.

I don't read the ads ect. for garage sales, but I have to agree that baby things might be one that would keep me away.

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