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September 24, 2008


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Beautiful job on the pillowcase!! Love the fabric~

LiLi M.

Can we have a close up of the covered spot? I se numerous possibilities here!
Have a nice day!


What a great idea to cover the spot! I somehow got a hole in a new pillowcase so I folded it over (it was near the end seam) and as long as I iron it, it looks good. Ok, maybe not good but I liked the pillowcase too much to get rid of it. And, hey, did you know your Bakelite post was linked on Craft? http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2008/09/is_it_bakelite_or.html


I love the fabric. I keep saying I need to make new pillowcases.


LOL If that tiny little spot would make you crazy, you do not want to visit our house.


Lovely fabric and it makes a great pillowcase.


Well, that's the difference between you and me, I just throw it on the bed and turn it spot side down! 'cause I'm lazy that way. xo, suzy


I can't wait to see the fabrics listed on etsy ;)

Kathleen Grace

I came to your beautiful blog through...I can't even remember who, but I wanted to tell you I have gotten spots out of many vintage textiles by soaking them in Biz. I have had things that had big orange and brown spots on them, even greasy old pillowcases, come out clean as a whistle and it doesn't fade the colors. It sometimes takes a couple days of soaking but, I have salvaged so many linens this way that look hopeless! Hope this helps. Looks like we share a love of old linens:>)

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