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September 09, 2008


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I have two of those little dresses in red and white from my great-grandmother. I always wondered if they were just decoation or if they had a purpose. Thanks so much!!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Soooo darn pretty!!! I can't stand it!!!
I use to have little crochet hats like yours but guess what...... I can't find them..... LOL!!
I have a feeling my daughter might have helped herself years ago.LOL!! ...


I love the blue tablecloth!!! So cute!!


I just love the pictures on your blog.


OMG! That blue tablecloth is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. Such a treasure. Glad you rediscovered it so it can be appreciated.

LiLi M.

Hahaha this all seems so familiar to me. When I'm searching something in the house, I always now from te beginning that I will find something that I have lost too (of course not the object that I'm looking for). When we moved six years ago I found some pretties on the attic that I would have bougt at a flea market again, I liked them and didn't remember that I had those cuties neither when of where I bought them. And now I cannot remember were I left those. When I'm looking for something I always give myself a kind of time out. If I haven't found it within let's say an hour, I'll stop searching. That works with new stuff, you can go to a store and buy these special scissors again, but with fleamarket stuff iit is sooo annoying. The concolation: life is full of discoveries! (again and again). Have a great day!

LiLi M.

now = know, IN the attic, bougt = bought consolation well what is right?????

sorry sight is still a tad blurry (not to speak of the mind)


I found you by way of Lili M.
I love those little dresses...
and the tablecloths are so pretty..
I have not been in our attic in years...I wonder what I could find...


I think I love all of the same things you do! Gorgeous tablecloths - love your photos - and I collect those little crocheted "clothing" pot holders, too. I only have one of the little hat pincushions, I just found it a month ago or so at a yard sale. Great stuff!


you do crack me up!! underneath 70 lbs of furry dog, and trying to find the item from the original post now that you found the second item!! where do you have your pot holder collection and your crocheted hat collection?? are they anywhere near each other...maybe it can spend weekdays with one and weekends with the other?? hehe

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