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September 13, 2008


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Diane ( Crafty Passions)

If it cost the same as a cup of java go for it , that's my motto!! LOL!!
Well.... I would of picked them up too, in my supplies I have possibly millions of buttons,I know what your talking about when you have to pick through..hehehe only another picker understands!
Have a good weekend

LiLi M.

i out of 10? I guess its here 1 in a 100! I don't see any grays or browns in your loot not to mention beige and copper and silver (plastic!). Great find!


Barbara I am so jealous! Your button collect just keeps getting better and better!


wow, great find! I'm loving those yellow buttons - yellow is definitely lacking in my collection.

Beth Leintz

Of course you bought the buttons- they're wonderful- and one of the reasons you got rid of buttons LAST week was so you'd have room for these.

(The first thing I noticed about your plate of buttons was the ratio of color to black/brown!)


Wow - lovely colors! I never find jars of buttons like that! Lucky bum.


oh you are evil!! giving that to a friend!! dont you like her anymore? hehe
i noticed the same thing. yellows are the least common(unless we are counting orange, and im not) then pink. those greens you got are gorgeous!!! are you selling any of these pretties? or are you hoarding them??

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