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October 31, 2008


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Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Happy Halloween!

Jennifer Conway

Love that sky!

Happy Halloween!

LiLi M.

We city girls only find them dead on the street (and only a piece of the 270 pounds).

I guess you stay home tonight? Have a happy Halloween!


When I was little, I must have seen something on TV about wild boars. I used to have a nightmare that they were running down our hill toward our house! VERY scary to little me - and I didn't have nightmares very often! The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz also scared me so much that my mom got out the encyclopedia to show me about special effects in movies! And the one other horrifying thing I remember was Teenagers From Outer Space where they pointed a laser gun at a dog and turned it into a skeleton. Oh, man.

Beth Leintz

OH MY GOSH- you live in wild boar land? I thought you were showing pictures of some exotic creature from the wilds of Africa, not upstate NY- that is just a little bit scary, and I don't think Carson is going to be much protection.

Vintage Whimsy

Oh my dear Lord. I would literally drop dead from a heart attack if I walked outside and saw that!!

I just read in our local paper that there had been a bear trotting through the neighborhood back in August. Luckily I was in Wyoming for the month of August. I never imagined there'd be a black bear so close to Baltimore. Eeek. I hope we don't have wild boars around here too!!


Yikes, I never even realized there were boar in the U.S. For some reason I am remembering a wild boar in the books, Little House on the Prairie (which I just re-read a few years ago, 'cuz I loved them as a kid).
We have coyote, bobcats, bear in the mountains nearby, but we don't live near enough like our friends/family do.


I didn't know you lived in Tazmania. That's where the wild boars roam, right? Seriously, I had no idea they were running amok in the US. Are you carrying a weapon now in case you meet up with one of Wilbur's wild cousin? And, why doesn't tammyCA have a blog? Anyone who mentions LHOTP is somebody I need to read more often.


You need a dogo argentino!!!!Great boar hunter and protection!! Where we live - I worry about meeting up with a bear, as we ride or walk thru the woods. So far, as much as I want to see one - we haven't - and that might be a good thing!!!


Oh my goodness! That would be a pretty scary thing to see out on a walk. We have bears and coyotes in our suburbs outside of Seattle now. Oh and recently a cougar was spotted. I guess all the wild creatures are running out of habitat. Mostly, I see raccoons in my pond, the occasional heron and hawks from my windows. We have eagles. I love those.

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