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October 16, 2008


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Wow, you've got a lot of decoration going on!
The story about the undead bat made me laugh. I would have tried to remove it, and than I would really screamed my head off when it moved!

mrs. h

Your beautiful autumn tea set had me feeling all comfy cozy till I came upon that bat story!

Your husband will enjoy that mental picture for a long while, I'm sure!

I love your blog. Thanks for letting me visit.


I love those Halloween postcards! I suddenly have the urge to create my own versions and send them to everyone I know.

Regarding the bat - eeek! When I was growing up, a bat flew down our chimney and into my bedroom. Needless to say, it was traumatic. I actually think bats are cute when they are flying around outside, but not when they land on my head in the middle of the night.


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! A freaking bat? Oh man, if it had been in the house it would have put my little mousey to shame.

Susan at Black eyed susans kitchen

Love it! The colors of the tea set, the witches, the spooky,kitchy, elegantly decorated shelves. Wonderful. Susan


What a great Halloween post, Barbara. "Weird & Witchy" ~ too funny. Love your decorating and I'm so thankful your husband took care of the undead bat. That gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!! When we were newly married a bat flew in our bedroom window. My husband chased it all over the room with a pillowcase. He finally caught it, but it left little droppings everywhere. Moral of that story - never open your screens at night.

LiLi M.

Great decorations! Thanks to Wanda I now have some vintage Halloween party pins (picks? I think I could eat cheese with those pins, but I'm not sure, hope you can help me). You couldn't find these decorations here in a million years and I like them! Peculiar story about the sleeping bat. Here we have bats too, small ones and we only see them in summertime between light and darkness when it shimmers. I always wondered what they were doing in the mean time, but now I know, just sleeping at somebody's lawn, who would have guessed that?

Beth Leintz

I want to trick or treat at YOUR house!


I'm very envious of all your wonderful vintage Halloween decorations!! I especially love that framed witch illustration. Could you possibly tell me what children's book that was from? Everything looks great. I only have ONE antique Halloween postcard, and I surely do treasure it, so I can relate!


Oh my gosh...I would have had a major heart attack if I went to pick up a bat and it moved...eeeekkkk!

I love all your Halloween decorations...specially the teapot set!



Seeing your posts is like looking through my favorite kind of magazine. :) I'm so glad I found your blog through Sarah.

p.s. I love all your old Halloween stuff...I was so excited to find 2 of the Gurley candles a couple of weeks ago. Love them!


Ohhh I have a big tin like that. Have to dig it out now!!!!!


Bats are freakin' creepy! I remember a childhood friend who lived in an old house and hearing about the bats in her attic bdroom...I was always nervous visiting her.


Your Halloween decs are fabulous! And yes, that is by far the cutest tea towel I have ever seen!


Gads, Barbara - that bat story is making me a bit nervous to wander around my flower beds! It was SLEEPING? Ugh! I'll be looking very carefully from now on.

I love your vintage Halloween goodies. What fun!



I love vintage Halloween images!! These pics are so cute. I really love all of it.


ah mellomints...i am relaxing just saying the name. your display is scrumptious. i was at my antique mall looking for a halloween image last week and was told how expensive most halloween postcards are...so i wont be having any of those missy. you have inspired me, i am hoping to be able to get to the pumpkin patch on sun and put up my halloween/fall decorations, which are no way as cool as yours


Your vintage halloween is awesome - you have quite a few of those large witch candles...great display. Our bat story is one that was on our window screen one night silhouetted against it. Tom, my husband heard it squeaking and assumed it was OUTSIDE...when he approached it to look closer...it was INSIDE and took off flying. Luckily I was off on a trip and he had to deal with it himself in the middle of the night! Bats are not my cup of tea.

Margaret McCormick

Next time I see you (if I ever see you again ;-)) remind me to tell you about the bat in my washing machine! Hope you're well...

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