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October 24, 2008


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Linda B

I'm with you and Lillian. In fact to really embrace change, why don't you pick out some of your best pastels and make an Easter bowl as well? Thinking outside the box is good. Plus, to me they really do look Halloweenish.....

Rabecca G

I like the idea of Halloween ornaments. The colors are perfect. If it brightens your day and makes you happy then go ahead and display them.


I think the ornaments are CLEARLY Halloween! I mean, ANYBODY can see that...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning! Your posts always make me smile.


Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Orange means Halloween and if it makes you happy put them out!!
Don't worry what anyone thinks(even family) if it makes you happy you do it girl!!
I have things around me that I enjoy looking at, and that make me smile.

karla nathan

Hang them on one of those fluffy black trees from Hobby Lobby and rent Nightmare Before Xmas and you are set.

Heidi German

I've been putting out Christmas ornaments at Halloween for years now, so you can guess how I vote! LOL One of my first vintage ornament finds included 2 boxes of small orange orbs and I loved them so much I couldn't relegate them to December only (and besides, orange ornaments didn't match my tree!). I've done it ever since! I just posted on my blog this week about a jar I made that is filled with black, orange, purple, green and hot pink ornaments for Halloween, and I think it looks great!

I put red & pink ornies out for Valentine's, red, silver & blue out for 4th of July, green out for St. Patrick's...I'm guilty on all fronts! LOL


I'm with you! I have a black, dead-looking tree in my house for Halloween and you can bet I will be on the hunt for Halloween-ie looking ornaments during the Christmas season.


I love the idea of Halloween ornaments. The halloween trees and easter trees are more and more popular, so don't we need ornaments?


My aunt wore the same brown polka dotted dress to every special family occasion. My uncle wore lab goggles to his wife's funeral. My mother used to garden in her underwear. These are fond memories for me.

When the family complains about the orange ornaments, or anything for that matter, tell them "you'd miss this about me if I were gone".


I'm all for Halloween ornaments. If you check my blog on Sept 7, I have two Christopher Radko ornaments in my cabinet. (Did have 3 but clumsy me broke one.) I love sparkles for any holiday. Let's do red for Valentine, Green for St Pat's and the list can go one and on. Let's go girl!


I totally agree with you. You should be able to have the Halloween ornaments out. I think that it is a genius idea and if I had some I would do the same thing!!!!!


I totally agree with you. You should be able to have the Halloween ornaments out. I think that it is a genius idea and if I had some I would do the same thing!!!!!


I vote they are Halloween. You betcha, I do!

Tina in Duluth

They look a bit bipartisan to me! I'd have them out at Halloween, and then again at Christmas!

Margaret McCormick

Put some orange ornaments in a blue bowl for every Syracuse University home game -- GO ORANGE!! PS: I've never seen orange ornaments like these before. Or maybe I just haven't been paying attention...


It's time for a change instead of more of the same. Think unconventially. They are Halloween decorations. A twig tree with orange lights would complete the ensemble with a Halloween tree.


VERY CLEVER play on words here! I vote for the Halloween theme....wouldn't look "right" at Christmas....I like the twig idea!

Lillian Pfohl

My vote is in. Don't be too hard on the boy - he is a strict constructionist when it comes to holidays. Thinking like that can get you on the Supreme Court one day - which is the least he can accomplish given what you are about to drop on tuition!


Looks like you are winning with the votes....I'm on your side too. I have some plain vintage bright orange balls hanging from some black branches over my mantle. Those colors scream Halloween!

Beth Leintz

It's time for change, out with the old thinking, let's see some new ideas. I vote you the holiday decorator for our future!

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